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Winter excursion in North Armenia for 7 days

Perhaps, winter, south, and Armenia aren't the words that can often be seen together when searching for travel information, especially for excursions trips to Armenia. But even on your winter holidays, you can find many interesting and wonderful things in snowy cities, mountains, forests, and gorges of North Armenia.

Tour program

Meeting, accommodation and tour of Yerevan

On the first day, during the city tour, we'll introduce you to Yerevan(if you aren't acquainted yet)- to one of the world's oldest cities. But this will happen after we meet you at the airport and help you with hotel accommodation.

Excursion to Sevan lake eve resort town of Dilijan

Despite the fact that Sevan is a freshwater lake- it is the largest in the region, in winter it doesn't always freeze(on average every 4-5 years). But, anyway, frozen or not, Sevan is very beautiful in winter, especially when it is surrounded by volcanoes covered with white snow. After seeing Sevan, we'll continue our way to snowy Dilijan, surrounded by dense forests. Snowy forests and beautiful houses give a special atmosphere to the city.

We'll spend the night exactly here.

Excursion to the main monastery of the North of Armenia

On this and next days of winter tour around Armenia, we'll visit the most important and famous monasteries of North Armenia. On this day, we've planned to go to the monasteries of Haghartsin, Goshavank, and Aghtala.

Many medieval Armenian monasteries were built far from noisy cities and roads, on the slopes, on the edge of gorges, in the forests.

Both Haghratsin and Goshavank were built in high places- in areas that are surrounded by dense forests.

Aghtala monastery is situated inside the fortress, and the fortress stands on a high headland surrounded by deep gorges.
On this day, we'll spend the night in Haghpat.

Tour of ancient monasteries and fortresses

On this day, we'll continue our monastery tour. We'll start with Haghpat monastery. Unlike the monasteries that we've mentioned above, Haghpat monastery stands in an old village that has the same name as the monastery.  The monastery was and is an important spiritual centre of Armenia.

And here's the monastery of Sanahin, where we'll go next, it stands in a high place, by the riverbank.

Next, we'll go to Odzun- an old village, where the monastery of Odzun(built in the V century)stands. After visiting many monasteries, we'll go to a picturesque gorge, where one of the most important fortifications of this region- Lori Bird stands.

The overnight stay will be in a beautiful place- in a sanatorium or hotel near the arboretum(dendropark).

Free day in the sanatorium at the arboretum

This is a free day and you can have a walk through the arboretum. In dendropark, next to the natural forest, a lot of trees that were brought here from different countries of the world grow. Even Californian sequoia grows here.

The major monasteries of the North-West of Armenia

Winter excursion tour in North Armenia continues with a trip to Marmashen, and also to another Christian monastery, situated in North Armenia.  Besides the fact that Marmashen is a medieval architecture monument, it is located in the territory, where the ancient inhabitants of these places had left their mark long before that.

Gyumri with its interesting architecture and witty people is one of the most colorful cities of Armenia.

In the end, we'll go to another medieval monastery- to Aruchavank.

Then, we'll return to Yerevan.

Free time in Yerevan - transfer to the airport

You can spend your free time before departure in interesting places of Yerevan and its surroundings.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 720 $ 850 $ -

Individual prices

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All overnight stays during the winter tour to Armenia will be in pleasant authentic guest houses and hotels.

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