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Winter tour in Armenia for the weekend- 3 days

A trip to Armenia under our tour program is the best way to spend your winter holidays.

Tour program

Arrival, accommodation and tour of the main churches of Armenia

After you arrive early in the morning and get to the hotel, we will go to Zvartnots and Echmiadzin. Even if the temple of  Zvartnots is destroyed, it continues to remain as a bright example of medieval Armenian architecture. Moreover, architectural solutions of Zvartnots were used in the reconstruction of  Hagia Sophia's dome in Constantinople. During 17 centuries, many churches and monasteries were built in Armenia and not only, but Echmiadzin is considered the spiritual capital of Armenia. The centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church and early Christian monasteries are situated here.
 After returning to Yerevan, you will have a city tour around Yerevan - around its most interesting places.

Ancient cave monastery and the pagan temple

Today we will go to Garni and Geghard. Despite the fact that Garni and Geghard are marked as one direction almost in every tour - these two places are completely different and unique. They are united only by the fact that both of them are objects of UNESCO cultural heritage.
Another common feature of these two places is the beauty of the area where they were built. Geghard is an important Christian monastery, where the lance, which pierced the body of Christ was kept for a long time.
Garni was built in the I century of our era- it is a pagan temple, the only one that survived in Armenia and in the whole region. If there are favorable climate conditions and desire, we can organise a small hike along the gorge, over which the temple of Garni stands, and also see the so-called stone symphony.
After we'll return to Yerevan.

Lake Sevan, hot springs and monastery above the deep gorge

On this day, you'll see one of the most beautiful and largest lakes- Lake Sevan. The natural beauty of Sevan is complemented by the beauty of the snowy (winter) peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges and by many historical monuments around the lake.
Hankavan- where we will go after Sevan, is located in the gorge of Marmarik River, in a place rich in forests. But the beautiful nature of Hankavan isn't the only property- there are hot springs of healing mineral waters.
And over Kasakh river's gorge stands the ancient monastery of Sagmosavank. Possibly, we  will  go there after Hankavan. This will be an interesting ending to our weekend tour.
We will provide an airport transfer for your evening departure.

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The tour program is organised so that in three days you can see as many interesting places as possible, and at the same time not to rush, and enjoy every trip.

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