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Extreme tours

There are a lot of opportunities for extreme tours in Armenia. Armenia has a very diverse landscape, which allows covering almost all spheres of extreme tourism

The opportunities of extreme tours are huge enough. Our country differs with its diversity of landscapes- from high mountains, from which you can paraglide, try skiing or mountain biking, or get to the rocks in the most amazing places, to deep gorges, above which you can again paraglide,  try kayaking on rough rivers, or to the explorations of the caves and windsurfing on the lake.

We offer the following ways of extreme tour in Armenia:

  • Flight  (paraglider,  balloon,  parachute)
  • Water activities (windsurfing, rafting on mountain rivers, yacht and so on)
  • Mountain skiing (when there is still snow on the mountains)
  • Bicycle tours
  • Alpinism
  • Speleological tours