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You can go to the various mountains of Armenia, from mountains covered with forests to the harsh, rising above the deep gorges of rocks and to life-giving volcanoes' peaks, from which mountain rivers start and flow trough picturesque gorges of Armenia-there are also some proudly falling waterfalls. In Armenia, you can visit many fortresses and temples, which are situated in arduous and picturesque places, often, even on mountain tops, from where opens panoramic views to the surroundings. And, of course, during our active tours you can climb to the volcanoes' peaks of Armenia.
Armenia is a perfect place for those who love adventures and prefer active tourism with ordinary excursion programs. Country's diverse landscapes provide different extreme activities, from mountain climbing to zip-line. The tour-operator of Overland offers mountain tours and hikings, jeep tours, alpinism ,etc. Climb the top of our mighty mountains to enjoy breathtaking views, have a walk through majestic volcanic plateau, explore rural and distant areas of Armenia, feel the beauty of our nature. Choose one of our active tours and be ready to feel your adrenaline dose with the help of Overland.