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"Center of Armenia in 7 days" Excursion tour in Armenia

Welcome to Armenia!If you decided to visit us, we guarantee that you won't be bored here. This tour differs  from main sightseeing tours with its more relaxing schedule. During this tour you'll only have some short hikings and it's on the choice. Another unique thing about this tour is that you have an opportunity to choose to stay here for as many days as you want. In addition you can join to other tours that we offer-tours to northern parts of Armenia and southern parts,which start and end before and after the tour of Central Armenia.

Tour program

City tour in Yerevan

On the day of your arrival, in the Zvarnots airport our staff members will meet you and will be happy to help you to get to Yerevan and locate in the hotel.
After having some rest you will be offered to an excursion around Yerevan. On your request it will be either walking excursion around the most interesting places of  Yerevan or a  city tour with a bus. Or you can start(or continue) your aquaintance with Yerevan yourself.

Ancient temples, the valley and the master cooking class lavash

The aquaintance with central Armenia's sights starts with the monastery of Geghard.This cultural heritage object of UNESCO is situated in the valley of a mountain river.The monastery is so limited in its place,that it will be difficult  to find the ending of human creation and the beginning of the nature.The  monastery is carved in the rock and maybe because of this it has an amazing acoustics.
If there's not enough simple beauty contemplation for you, then you can fell it during hiking in the mouintains, from where a wonderful view to the monastery and to the valley will be opened.
Not far from the Christian monastery of Geghard stands the only survived pagan monument-the temple of Garni. Here you can see the ruins of an old fortress and bathroom.And the breathtaking view of Azat's valley won't leave you insensitive.
After lunch you will have a chance to admire the valley taking part in a hiking.The natural phenomenon, which you can see in the valley has simple scientific explanation-  it is frozen volcanic basalt stream.But actually it's a frozen simphony in the rock.
But you can decide to take part in Lavash making master-class(where else will you be able to take part in creating an object of the cultural heritage of UNESCO).

Acquaintance with the ancient Ejmiatsin and Zvartnots temple

Your trip will continue in Ejmiatsin.The aquaintance with Armenia's Christianic history can't be complete if you don't visit Ejmiatsin. Every church in here has its own unique history and meaning. Your excursion will begin with a visit to Ejmiatsin Cathedral-the main temple of armenian apostolic church.
In Ejmiatsin's museum you can see unique exponents having a huge meaning for  the whole  Christian world. Not so far from the Cathedral stands St.Gayane church. It's also necessary to visit that church,cause from there opens an exciting view to Ararat mountain. Right at the city's  exit stands St.Hripsime church.History of the church goes to VII century.
Temple of Zvarnots which you are going to visit during your Ejmiatsin tour is another cultural heritage of UNESCO. The temple's ruins present earlymedieval architecture of Armenia.

A trip to lake Sevan and an ancient temple on the top of the Peninsula

The 4th day of the excursion is a tour around Sevan Lake. We can bring many interesting facts about the lake,about its meaning for Armenia and for the whole region, its history(in fact the lake has interesting history), about Sevanavank's monastery on the Sevan Peninsula,etc. For this you have to relax and prepare for an interesting and fascinating excursion. After visiting Sevanavank you're going to have dinner by the lake. Then you can have a rest there.
If you prefer more dynamic activities you can take part in a hiking and climb the mountains. In the evening you will return to Yerevan in order to continue your trip in the following morning.

The foot of the Aragats mount, temples over a deep gorge and an ancient fortress

On the 5th day of your trip you will be in Aragatsotn's region. The name of this region literally translates as ''foothill of Aragats'' and it's not random. The region is situated right there.
The first stop at the Aragats' foothill is the monastery of  Saghmosavank. According to the legend Gregory the Illuminator had seen that place from the mountain Aragats and decided to bulid a monastery there and teach monks to psalm singing(saghmos-psalm).
Then you will go to Ovanavank. Another medieval monastery located above the gorge of the river Kasakh.
After medieval  monasteries you will go to the ancient fortress of Amberd, situated in Aragats mountain.It is located in the place of intersection of two rivers at an altitude of 2320meters. And  if  you want we can organise a hiking through the picturesque surroundings of the fortress.

Talin Cathedral, medieval fortress and Church of VII century

On this day your acquaintance with central Armenia will continue.
The first stop is Talin Cathedral,located in the southern hill(slope) of Aragats.It's one of the biggest cathedrals,which has reached us.The cathedral's history starts from VII century.With a visit to medieval  fortress of Dashtadem  your  acquaintance with armenian historical monuments will be continued.
The last planned sight that you're going to visit on that day is Aruchavank-church,bulit in VII century.

Perhaps a trip to the hot springs - Transfer to the airport

You can plan the 7th and the last day of your trip yourself. You will have a free time, which you can arrange however you want or we can organise a trip for you to some hot springs.
After that we will organise your transfer to the airport whenever you want.

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This tour is more relaxing and flexible.
If we started our various tours in Armenia from Yerevan and continued in different areas of Armenia, during this tour every day we're going to return to Yerevan .Here you can find many activities for all tastes. Besides museum visits,you can go to the theatre, listen to jazz in a club, drink some wine in pleasant restaurants and pubs. In one word you will like our tour of Central Armenia.

During this trip some tours around Yerevan, Sevan,Ejmiacin and around some monasteries of the foothill of Aragats are waiting for you. And also tours to not less interesting places.

We can easily say that the Central part is the heart of Armenia, because exactly here rises the most powerful volcanoe Aragats, at the foothill of which a lot of megalithic fortresses and ruins of ancient cities are sheltered.Here is also situated the mystical plateu of Geghard and of course Lake Sevan. To  the neighbourhood of these places that aren't far from Yerevan we are going to visit during our trip.

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