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1 to 5 may Tour to Armenia in may (the center and North)

The best way to spend the may holidays is to come to Armenia. And there are a lot of reasons for this - the sun, warm but not yet hot weather, beautiful spring nature, festive mood... For five days of the tour, you will walk around Yerevan, see the largest high-mountain freshwater lake in Eurasia, ride a zipline, see ancient temples and monasteries, walk through picturesque gorges... and of course start making plans for your next visits to Armenia-in summer or winter, or at any time convenient for you...

Tour program

Arrival - Walk through the spring city

On the first day of your may trip to the center and North of Armenia, after meeting at the airport and staying in a hotel, you will have a walk through spring Yerevan.

Lake Sevan - Lastiver - Zipline flight

On the second day of the tour to Armenia in may, you will have a unique experience. The day will start with a trip to lake Sevan. After admiring the beautiful blue lake and the surrounding landscapes and historical sights, go to one of the most mysterious natural monuments of Northern Armenia - Lastiver, where waterfalls, caves, tree houses in a dense forest create a real fairy tale. 

Finally, you will have a real adventure-a zipline flight over a beautiful gorge. 

In the evening, you will return to Yerevan to relax before the next exciting day

Gorge of the Azat river - Garni - Geghard

Gorges in Armenia are a special "ecosystem" where harsh rocks, picturesque nature, fast-flowing rivers, ancient temples and monasteries live their own special life. On one of these gorges - the gorge of the Azat river, you will go Hiking on the morning of the third day. The” architecture "of the gorge with huge basalt pillars is known as the" Symphony of stones” and above the gorge stands the pagan temple of Garni, also built of basalt, but already by human hands-2000 years ago.  

And in the ancient monastery of Geghard, nature and man worked together to create a magnificent monastery that is partially located in the rock. 

For the night, you will return to Yerevan again, where you can walk around the evening spring city

Gorge of the river Kasakh - Saghmosavank - Hovhanavank

On the morning of may 4, you will go on an easy hike through another wonderful gorge - the Kasakh river gorge. On the edge of this gorge are two of the medieval monastery - Saghmosavank and hovhanavank. These ancient monasteries were built here in the IV century-immediately after the adoption of Christianity. 

After feeling the spiritual power of the monasteries and admiring the views of the gorge, go down there to get acquainted with its beauty and secrets. 

This will end the fourth day of the may holiday tour in Armenia and you will return to Yerevan.

Temple and fortress of Bzhni - Tejharuyg - Hot springs

On the morning of this day, you will go to the village of Bzhni, which, in addition to its mineral water, is also remarkable for its nature, especially in spring, when the whole village is buried in flowering trees, as well as its medieval temple and ancient fortress. 

Then travel on to the monastery of Tejharuyg, which stands on a hill in the woods at the intersection of two rivers.

And finally, visit the famous medicinal hot springs 

This is the end of your short may trip through Central and Northern Armenia (with only a small part of it). We will return to Yerevan late in the evening, or if you decide to leave on this day, we will arrange a transfer to the airport.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 630 $ 720 $ 900 $

The price of a tour to Armenia for may holidays includes:

  • Accommodation (Standard-guest houses and hotels 3*; Business-4*; Premium-5*)
  • 3 meals a day
  • Transportation by comfortable car including transfers to the airport
  • Visiting all specified places
  • Guide service

The cost of a tour to Armenia for may holidays does not include:

  • Air ticket
  • Surcharge for single occupancy (Standard – $ 60; Business – $ 90 ; Premium - $120)
  • Additional days of stay in Yerevan (before and after the tour) 
  • Tickets for the zipline (35$)
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
# Date Group size Booked
1 1 May , 2021 -

You can continue your may trip in Armenia by joining the second part of the trip, already in the southern part  May tour to Armenia (easy hike in the South with rest in Jermuk) 6-11may

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