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New Year Tour in Armenia- 7 days

Our tour is for those who prefer to start the 2020 year actively and interestingly and, accordingly continue the year like this. Armenia is perfect for this. First of all, in winter, there isn't so cold to freeze and not so hot to miss the summer weather after returning home.

Tour program

Walk around new year Yerevan

After we meet you at the airport and help you settle in the hotel, we will have a city tour around the festive city. In the evening there will be dinner.

Ancient monasteries on the edge of the snow gorge

Despite all the difficulties of history, many ancient monasteries and temples have been preserved in Armenia. Around Yerevan, there are such monasteries and temples, too.
On this day we will visit two of them- the monasteries of Saghmosavank and Hovanavank. The monasteries stand on the edge of Kasakh river's gorge. It seems like they hide the secrets of the gorge in themselves. There are many secrets, and maybe you will understand it during our short hike.

Cave monastery, a pagan temple and a surprise

Ararat is visible from almost all points of Central Armenia and sometimes you forget that it's temporarily out of the country's territory. And if the mountain wants, in the morning we can see not only the snowy peak but the whole mountain, with its two peaks.
After greeting Ararat, we will go to Geghard- an early medieval monastery that is partly hollowed out in the rocks and surrounded by mountains. Especially in winter, when you look at the bare mountains and rocks, the question arises "how people created such magnificence and how they managed to preserve it".
Then we will go to the pagan temple of Garni, which stands on a high cliff above the gorge since the 1st century.
The gorge, above which the temple stands is also interesting and beautiful, even in winter, without the usual thick green. So maybe we will have a hike there.
On the way to Yerevan, we will go to Levon's temple. Not being a medieval temple, it looks amazing, too. The underground temple was created by master Levon for 23 years.
One can only admire the power of the faith and spirit of the man who created this alone.

Lake Sevan and hot springs

Even if you visit Armenia in winter, it doesn't mean that you can't see Sevan Lake. Yes, you can't swim in the lake, but you can walk around the shores, look at the dark blue water, at snowy peaks around the lake, and of course see the monastery of Sevanavank. 
After Sevan, we will go to the hot springs of Hankavan. This is a perfect place in cold winter. 
Maybe then we will visit Bjni, where we will see the medieval church "St. Astvatsatsin".

Main churches of Armenia and Ararat

On the fifth day, we will visit the main Christian monasteries of Armenia- Khor Virap, Echmiatsin Cathedral, Gayane, Hripsime, Zvartnots.
Let's start from a visit to Khor Vrap. According to the legend, here, in a dungeon under the monastery Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for fourteen years.
By the way, if you haven't seen Ararat till that day, then on that day you will see it from  unique proximity.
Legend has that Jesus Christ showed Gregory the Illuminator the place for building the temple. And in 303 Echmiatsin Cathedral was built.
The temples of Gayane and Hripsime are dedicated to the nun-sisters Gayane and Hripsime, who were hit by the stones, and died for spreading Christianity. After the adoption of Christianity, in the place where they died, temples, dedicated to them were built.
Zvartnots temple was built in the VII century in the place where, according to the legend, Gregory the Illuminator and Trdat the Great met. Although the temple is destroyed, it is a valuable spiritual and architectural monument, part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Puzzles the foot of mount Aragats

On this day we will visit 2 medieval monuments, which are situated on the southern slope of Aragats mountain. The monuments are:
1. Aruchavank- an early medieval monastery
2. Talin Cathedral- built in the VII century. It is one of the largest temples of that time which reached us.
Then, probably we may go to the settlement of the Bronze Age- to Agarak, where ancient tombs and ritual places have been preserved.

Free day in the festive city - transfer to the airport

On the last day of your New Year tour in Armenia, you will have free time. We will provide you with a transfer to the airport.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 750 $ 1100 $ 1500 $


# Date Group size Booked
1 2 Jan , 2022 -

This tour takes place only in the new year, but you will be able to order it for other dates

This tour is special because all night stays will be in Yerevan. It means that after visiting many interesting places you will have an opportunity to walk around Yerevan, visit many new year concerts, performances, museums, and restaurants.

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