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Hiking around Sevan "Secrets of Geghama Sea and Mountains" - 10 Days

The name of the tour- "Secrets of Geghama Sea and Mountains" wasn't chosen by the chance. For these 10 days, we will try to find the secrets of Geghama Sea(the old name of Sevan) and mountains, surrounding it. There are quite many secrets and legends associated with this lake-sea and also with surrounding mountains. The mountains here are diverse, on the one hand- rocky,on the other- mountains covered with forests.

Tour program

The first acquaintance with the lake Sevan

The day starts with a visit to Sevan Lake. Even if you have little information about Armenia, probably, you've heard about Sevan. Secular waters of Sevan keep loads of secrets. The part of them got clear when the level of water declined. It was in Lchashen that the secrets of the most ancient people became clear- tombs and a cyclopean fortress, golden and ceramic wares, having the age of 1000 years. Here you will have a short hike higher from Lchashen, after which you will visit Sevanavank, which stands on Sevan Peninsula. The centuries-old Christian monastery keeps the secrets of a pagan shrine, which stood here thousands of years ago.
The day will end in eco-camping- in tents, in houses or in a comfortable hotel-As you want :)

Climbing Artanish and magical beaches

On this day you will drive around Small Sevan in order to get to the mountain Artanish (near Artanish peninsula, an underground cape divides Sevan into Small and Big Sevan). After climbing the mountain with a height of 2461 m, from where open beautiful views to both sides of Sevan and on the place where the two parts of the lake connect, magical deserted shores are waiting for you. After the shore rest, we'll return to the campsite or hotel.

Hiking in a mountain village

On the third day, during our tour to a mountain village, we will continue revealing the secrets of Geghama Sea and surrounding mountains. Here we will get after ascending a mountain and descending it from the other side(through a mountain forest).
On the way, we will see ancient burial mounds, fortress' ruins, picturesque rocks in the mountain forest and many other things.
After an absorbing tour, we will return to the campsite or hotel.

Climbing Armagan and big circle around Sevan

It should be mentioned that Sevan and the surrounding mountains have a volcanic origin. Exactly one of these volcanoes- to Armaghan, the height of which is 2829 m, we're going to climb. On our way to Armaghan, we will see the early-medieval monastery of Makenyats, and probably other ancient monasteries such as Vanevan, Hayrivank and a settlement with a fortress near it. At the top of Armaghan, there's a small and beautiful lake, originated in the volcano's crater. One of the secrets of this volcano is the fog, which appears when celestial fairies get down to swim in the lake.
After descending from Armaghan you will have a chance to see the shores of the lake from the other side.
Returning to the hotel or campsite for an overnight stay, we will complete started, in the morning trip around Lake Sevan.

Free day at the beach

On this day you will have free time to enjoy your day by the lake.

Climbing Arjanoc and paragliding

On the sixth day of our hiking tour, we will climb the mountain Arjanoc, to a height of 2358 m. From here, amazing views to the mountain ranges of Pambac, Sevan, Vardenis, Areguni and the peninsula of Sevan open. You can also fly a paraglider(for an additional fee).
After the mountain ascent and paraglider, you will go to the hot springs. In Armenia, there are lots of hot springs of this kind, thanks to the "volcanic past" of the country.
Then we will return to the campsite or hotel.
In case you want to fly a paraglider, this day in our tour schedule can be moved to a different date-of course, depending on flight conditions.

A trip to the ancient monasteries and fortresses

Today you will visit another unique place. On the branches of the ridge covered with thick forests, there are hidden ruins of Old Getik monastery.
Then you will hike to the fortress called Akhjka Berd(Fortress of a girl), which is located on the foothill of Miapor mountain. In the beginning, we “warned” that there are many legends associated with these places, so here's a legend about the fortress Akhjka Berd. According to it, Tamerlane knew that in that fortress an amazingly beautiful girl was living. So, he ordered to bring that girl to him. Three soldiers abducted the girl, but one shepherd saw this and started following them. He waited for them to fall asleep, and freed the girl. The enraged Tamerlane attacked the fortress and seized it. Seeing this, the girl threw herself off the walls of the fortress.
After visiting the fortress, there will be a hike to another, lost in the forests medieval monastery- to the monastery of Akhavnavank.
Then we will return to the campsite or guest-house.

Mystical Alpine lakes

On the 8th day, we will have an early climbing of a highland. On Vardenis mountains, there are mystical lakes of Al. These two lakes are situated at an altitude of about 2700 m (Big- 2729 m, Small- 2745 m). After resting by the lake, we will have a short hike to the nearest mountain.
Then we will return to the campsite or guest-house.

Free day at the beach

On this day you can discover the secrets of Geghama Sea yourselves, or you can just have a rest by the shore.

Climbing Ajdahak - Return to Yerevan

On the last day, early in the morning, we will get to Geghama Plateau in order to see the awesome natural monument- Akna lake, surrounded by young cone-shaped volcanoes.
Then we will hike to the high-mountain gorge and climb Ajdahak- the highest mountain of Geghama Plateau. Descending the mountain(the height- 3597 m) from the other side we will return to Yerevan.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 1000 $ 1400 $ -

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
6 and more 990 $ 1400 $ -
5 1080 $ - -
4 1220 $ 1620 $ -
3 1440 $ 1860 $ -
2 1930 $ 2390 $ -

The price of a hike around Sevan includes:

  • All transportation in comfortable cars and off-road in the mountains
  • Meals (Breakfast and dinner)
  • Accommodation (Standard-in a tent in an eco-equipped campsite; Business-in a cottage or hotel)
  • The work of conductors
  • Visiting places specified in the tour program

The cost of a hike around Sevan does not include:

  • Air ticket
  • Accommodation in Yerevan before and after the tour
  • Insurance
  • Paragliding
  • Personal expenses
  • Supplementary feeding
# Date Group size Booked
1 24 Jul , 2021 -

The peculiarity of this tour is that it can be organized for a short time, too.

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