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"Freedom of the mount forest" Hike in North Armenia 7 days

The northern part of Armenia is filled with the same mountains and gorges, but they aren't so rough here, and in addition they are rich in forests. Here, interesting monuments and beautiful nature are waiting for travelers...

Tour program

Lake Sevan and a trip to the ancient monastery in the mountain forest
  • Moving to Sevan lake
  • Moving to Dilijan
  • Hiking to the monastery of Matosavank
  • A night stay in tents(possibility to stay in a hotel for additional fee)

Mountain ranges are natural boundaries for Sevan lake. The lake itself is situated at an altitude of 1900 m. Sevan and surrounding territory have been inhabited since immemorial times. Here, in different parts many cyclopean fortresses, mounds, as well as early medieval monuments were preserved. You can admire the lake both from different parts of the shore, and from the surrounding volcanic peaks. And from every point you get different sceneries.
The city of Jermuk is located in the valley of Aghstev river. The city's picturesque location makes it one of the most famous resorts in Armenia. It is surrounded by mountains of the Lesser Caucasus. The mountains, starting from the valley, are covered with thick forests that getting to the top are replaced with alpine meadows.
The monastery of XIIth century Matosavank is situated west from Dilijan. This monastery is surrounded with forests, that's why it is hard to find Matosavank immediately. The buildings of the monastery seem to be merged with the surrounding nature.

Climbing to the highest point of Tavush region - mount Miapor
  • Early departure- moving to the foothill of Miapor volcano
  • Ascent to Miapor and descent from the other side
  • A night stay in a picturesque place

Miapor mountain is the highest point of Tavush region. The height of it gets to 2993 m.
Up to 2000 m the mountain is covered with thick forests, then the picturesque alpine meadows begin. From the heights of Miapor many swift rivers originate.

Hike through the picturesque gorge to the monastery lost in the woods
  • Moving to Arakeloc monastery
  • Moving(hiking) to Haghpat monastery
  • Moving to the mountains above Haghpat
  • A night stay in tents(possibility to stay in a hotel or in a guest house)

In the forests of North Armenia many monasteries have been preserved. And not everyone knows about their location. One of these monasteries is Arakeloc. The monastery is surrounded by trees, other buildings and stones are sprouted by different plants, which gives a special beauty to the monastery and its surrounding.
The monastery of Haghpat is a historical, spiritual-cultural monument of the Middle Ages, which has kept its importance of a spiritual centre. Haghpat is located on a plateau, which is surrounded (on three sides) by deep gorges and only from one- from the east part rises Srblis Mountain, which is covered with a thick forest.

Picturesque track along the ancient path to the rock monastery
  • Hiking to the monasteries of Kobayr and Horomayr
  • Moving to the foothill of Lalvar volcano

In the Middle Ages many values were kept in monasteries, including books that must have been protected. Despite, during the enemy's attacks, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were hiding in the monasteries. That's why, the monasteries were often built in inaccessible places, from where the whole area could be seen. The striking examples are Kobayr and Horomayr monasteries. Kobayr Monastery is situated on a high terrace, in the gorge of Debet River, and because of its location it seems impregnable.
Here, during the construction all relief features were used.
The monaster of Horomayr consists of 2 parts- one part is on the slope of the gorge, the other- on a plateau, where the gorge ends. Both parts are connected with an impassable path.

Climbing the mountain Lalvar and secrets of the ancient fortress
  • Climbing Lalvar
  • Hiking through Lori gorge
  • Moving(hiking) to Lori Berd
  • A night stay in a picturesque place(possibility to stay in a hotel or in a guest house)

Lalvar is the highest mountain of Somhet mountain range, which stretches along
Armenian- Georgian board. The height of Lalvar reaches to 2552 m and in clear weather, from the top of the mountain even Georgia can be seen. The slopes are rich with forests and springs, near to the top an alpine meadow begins.
The slopes of Lori gorge are rich with forests. The depth of the gorge gets to 350 m.
Along the gorge- on the slopes, on the top or on the edge, there are many monasteries and churches.
Lori bird, or Lori fortress stands on a hill, where the gorges of two rivers join. A beautiful landscape, where the territory of Lori Berd is located, is able to attract your attention. Also, the historical meaning and the value of this area will attract you. The fortress was rebuilt from the megalithic in the X-XII centuries, but the hill-fort of ancient settlement Lori, on the territory of which it was built, goes back to the III-I millennium BC.
Forest covered mountains and other natural resources promoted the development of civilization here.

Hike to the mysterious monastery and waterfall
  • Hiking to the monastery of Hnevank
  • Moving to the waterfall of Trchkan
  • A night stay in tents, by the waterfall

Hnevank monastery stands in a special picturesque place, where 2 rivers connect, and it looks like that it follows the gorge. The name Hnevank, meaning an old monastery shows how old it is- VII century. From the monastery, very beautiful views to the slopes of the gorge that are covered with forests open.
 Trchkan Waterfall is formed on Chichkhan River, when it passes from the upper wide stream into a narrow gorge. The waterfall is a natural monument.

Majestic monastery on the river bank, return to Yerevan
  • Moving to Gyumri
  • Moving to Marmashen
  • Moving to Yerevan

The city of Gyumri is located in the centre of Shirak plateau. This is the second largest city of Armenia. It differs with its individual form and atmosphere. Here, the architecture of Russian Empire and Soviet Armenia are mixed with modern architecture, giving the city a special attraction. In Gyumri mystic, writer and traveler George Gurdjieff was born.
The monastery of Marmarashen is located in 10 km from Gyumri. The monastery was built in the X century and had an important meaning in the spiritual and educational life of medieval Armenia. This territory is remarkable not only for the monastery, which is an important monument of Armenian architecture, but also for the traces of the most ancient civilizations on a huge territory.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 630 $ 990 $ -

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
6 and more 630 $ 810 $ -
4 - 5 770 $ 990 $ -
3 950 $ 1260 $ -
2 1350 $ 1690 $ -

Hiking in Armenia for 7 days without backpacks (North) is included in the price:

Budget variant

  • All movements on comfortable cars (3 people in the back seat)
  • Several movements on local SUVs
  • Transportation of backpacks, off-road
  • Products on the outdoorsy parts + restaurants some days
  • The work of the guides

Business option

  • All movements in comfortable cars (2 people in the back seat)
  • Several journeys on local SUVs
  • Transportation of backpacks, off-road
  • Cook and food for the whole trip + restaurants on some days
  • Rent of personal Hiking equipment (tents, sleeping bags, karemata, etc.))
  • The work of the guides

The price of a trip to Armenia for 7 days does not include:

Budget variant

  • Air ticket
  • Insurance
  • Rent of personal equipment (tents, sleeping bags, carbamate)
  • Cook service
  • Accommodation in guest houses (if desired)
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Personal expenses

Business option

  • Air ticket
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation in guest houses (if desired)
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Personal expenses
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4 21 Aug , 2021 -
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7 23 Oct , 2021 -

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