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New Year hike over Armenia - 7 days

What is the best thing to do during the New Year holidays if not have a tour around wintry Armenia? For 7 days you will see wintery forests of Tavush and Lori, hiding monasteries that look like lonely but at the same time majestic. Also, you will see Sevan lake, the water of which becomes dark blue in winter, and other interesting places.

Tour program

Acquaintance with new year Yerevan

We will meet you at the airport and help to get to the hotel. After taking some rest you can have a walk through the festive streets of Yerevan. The night stay will be in Yerevan.

Ancient temples and snow gorge

On the first day of our New Year hike over Armenia, we will go to the rocky monastery of Geghard. This place can't leave anyone insensitive, irrespective of the time of year.

From Geghard we will go to Garni. The temple is dedicated to the god of Sun, so we can ask for sunny weather. Even if not, the beauty of Garni gorge offsets this.

In the gorge of Garni, you can see a unique natural phenomenon- frozen multi-faceted basalt pillars, getting down from a great height. Azat river flows through the gorge.

On the bank of the river, on a mountain, stands the medieval monastery of Havuts Tar. Perhaps we will continue hiking there.

After, we will return to Yerevan.

Fortress, hot springs, ancient temples and lake Sevan

The day will start with a visit to Bjni village. If at other times of the year Armenian village is full of work, in the winter the village seems to be falling asleep. But this won't prevent us from seeing the main sights of Bjni- the medieval church of St. Astvatsatsin and the fortress.

After Bjni we will visit Hankavan. It's a picturesque place between snowy mountains, famous with its hot waters.

And of course, on our way to Dilijan, we will see Sevan Lake with its cold waters and snowy shores.

From Dilijan, we will hike to Matosavank monastery, which stands 3.5 km north-west from Dilijan, on a plateau covered with forests.

After hiking we will return to Dilijan for overnight stay.

Hiking on snowy mountain trails to the ancient monasteries

Today, the hikes to the monasteries standing silently in winter forests continue. At first, we will hike to Makaravank that stands on a hill, among trees. Then we will go to Arakeloc. If we manage, we will continue hiking to another monastery- to Mshkavank, situated in the forest. The night will be spent in Hsghpat village, where one of the most famous medieval monasteries of Armenia stands.

One of the most interesting tracks on the mountain trail

On the fifth day of new year trip to Armenia, we will hike to the monastery of Kobayr, which stands on the edge of a gorge. When we get to the monastery and feel its beauty and admire the picturesque views opening from there, we will begin a hike to the monastery of Horomayr, somehow located at a height, right on the vertical rock. Then we will continue to hike to Odzun- here stands a monastery, built in the V century.
After this, we will go through one of the most beautiful gorges of Armenia, the beauty of which captures at any time of the year.
The overnight-stay will be not far from Stepanavan.

Secrets of Lori fortress and ancient monastery

It's Armenia, and there are gorges everywhere. Someone once called them wounds on the land's body. But exactly these wounds create the beauty that we see and admire... This gorge is formed by two rivers, at the intersection of which stands the fortress of Lori Berd. We will hike to this gorge. And then to Hnevank monastery, which stands in the colorful gorge, too.
After the hike, we will return to Yerevan. Probably, on the way, we will visit another interesting place.

Free day in new year Yerevan

On this day you will have free time. In Yerevan, you can find various interesting places to visit.
In the end, we will organise the transfer to the airport.

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It is worth mentioning that if in winter, especially in January the northern part of Armenia (where we will have a hike in the second part of our tour) is always snowy, then at the same time of the year, the central part isn't so snowy.

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