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Mountain Climbing

Highlands! Volcanoes' peaks! What could be better?! A man, who has climbed once, will try to climb again and again! And the climbings in Armenia can give you a lot of things. And after all, it was on the slopes of these ancient mountains that one of the most ancient civilizations was born.

The main destination of our climbing is to wise Aragats, full of megalithic fortresses and ancient settlements and with its mysterious peaks, in the middle of which there is a crater and also Ajdahak volcano, which rises on mystical Gegham highland, among other 127 volcanoes, where you can find many traces of ancient people and civilizations- petroglyphs, enigmatic dragon-stones, ancients settlements and fortresses...
But in Armenia, there are other volcanoes, which keep loads of secrets in their picturesque peaks. For example, volcano Ughtasar( mountain of pilgrimage), in the crater of which, around a clean lake with healing abilities, in the VI-VII centuries B.C., ancient ancestors of Armenians had left many petroglyphs, which tell a lot about their lives.
And, in one of the gorges leading from the volcano to the oldest observatory and school of Sages, founded in the IV-V Millennium B.C.,  one can study petroglyphs and understand our ancestors' history of development. If we continue our way from Ughtasar to Syunik's Highland, we can see many hot sources, ancient settlements and high-mountain rivers...from the volcano of Vayoc Sar, which has a perfect  round-shaped crater, get to the Vardenyats Highland or see the petroglyphs which show a starry sky map.
In one word, our fertile land, where there are lots of volcanoes and each of which can share its secrets with you, is waiting for you! We will be glad to see you!