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"Syunik’s fairy tale" Hiking tour without tents 12 days

Fairy tales are always magic and secrets, and the region of Syunik is full of magical beauty and secrets, many of which we’re going to reveal. This is what we’re going to do during these  12 days hiking tour.The whole nature of Syunik seems to be special created decoration for films full of magicians and wizards. Things that wait for you during 12 days fairy tale:

Tour program

Moving to Syunik - waterfall, ancient monastery and winery

The road to Syunik lays through picturesque gorges and passes, and of course, on our way we will visit some interesting places.
At first, for lunch we will stop in a hospitable house of a winemaker.
After dinner, through the gorge, in the caves of which many dreamlike birds and bezoar goats live, we will go to the monastery of Noravank. Noravank is a place where nature and man have been united to create something unique.
Usually, significant and beautiful places of nature are associated with ancient legends, where there are villains who, like in fairy tales, are always defeated by good. Here is the awesome waterfall of Shaqi associated with such a legend that we’re going to visit.
According to your choice, the night stay will be whether in a hotel whether in Goris, or in eco houses situated in Tatev  gorge.

Hiking in the gorge of Tatev and Tatev monastery

On the 2nd day you will hike to Tatev gorge. This picturesque gorge played very important role during the whole period of this region’s history.  In the impregnable gorges, people weren’t only protected from the enemies, but also they created many monasteries and temples here.
At first, from the observation deck we will see an incredible view- to the high mountains covered with forests and to the gorges below.
In Tatev gorge there is an interesting nature phenomenon - the Devil’s bridge. Wind and water have been building this bridge for centuries. If you want you can continue the hiking through the tunnel below.
Then, in Tatev gorge, at the right bank of Vorotan river stands Tatev’s desert, from where through the steep serpentine you can get to the monastery of Tatev.
The church, spire and different constructions in the rock and generally everything around Tatev monastery take you back to the Middle Ages.
The whole beauty of Tatev gorge and desert you can enjoy from above- from the cable car.
You will spend the night in the same place as the day before.

Hike through the ancient cities in the fabulous gorge

Looking at the ancient settlement’s houses, on the slopes of Vorotan gorge, it looks like that kind of fairytale characters lived there, but in fact these were people living in that interesting houses. All 3 villages that we’re going to visit on this day have been standing here for already many years, about what there are evidences of ancient tombs and other artifacts.
The first settlement which we’re going to visit is Old Halidzor.  In Halidzor, houses are built in a way that one house is a continuation of another- the roof of one is a courtyard for another. And this cascade descends down into the gorge.
After seeing all the sights we will go to Old Shinuhayr. It is one of the oldest settlement of Armenia, about what there is an evidence of necropolis dating from the first millennium B.C. Here are also an old church and khachkar with the height of 3 m.
The settlement of Hot is another interesting place, where we’re going to go after Shinuhayr. It seems like that the houses are rising from the rocks here. At first people built caves in the rocks and then with the help of stone buildings they expanded the area. This makes an illusion that the houses were grown from the rocks. For its extraordinary look, people call Hot as Armenian Machu Picchu.
For the night stay we’re going to return to the same place.

An ancient settlement, megalit fortress and caravanserai

On the fourth day of our tour to Armenia we will continue our acquaintance with Syunik’s ancient settlements. At this time we will go to Old Hardzis. The settlement is situated on the slope of a vertical cliff. Nearby there are many preserved ancient monuments, such as old settlements of the first millennium B.C., necropolis, Christian graves, etc.
Here are also preserved megalithic fortresses, caravanserai, which we will visit. If there will be time we will visit another cave town.
After an interesting day we will return to the hotel.

Secrets of the cave city Khndzoresk

In Syunik, there are many interesting places which are necessary to visit. We will continue our tour to Khndzoresk- a big cave town, where people lived from immemorial times until the 60s of the last century. The unusual location of the cave town didn’t prevent people living here to organise a real town with a developed infrastructure. The town was divided into different regions, which had their names. There were also a church and  fortresses, again made in the rocks. Also, for the movement among cave houses, a complex system was created.
After Khndzoresk we will visit the city of Kapan, situated in the northern slope of Khustup mountain. Kapan has very interesting architecture- the buildings were created based on the mountain relief of this place.
We will have to stay in Kapan. Either in a guest house or in a hotel, according to your preference.

Climbing Khustup mount and an ancient monastery

To admire the magical nature of Syunik from above, we will go to the foothill of Khustup. Through alpine landscapes there will be a climbing to the height of 3201 m.
Getting down from Khustup we will continue our way to the Xth century monastery of Vahanavank, which is located in a picturesque place- on the riverbank.
For the night stay we will return to the hotel- to Kapan.

A trip to the mysterious fortress and monastery

On the seventh day of our tour without tents, we will pass near the reservoir to the place, from where we will hike to the mysterious, and almost unknown fortress of Baghaberd and to the monastery of Ericavank. Ericavank is one of the most interesting architectural monuments of the V century- a rare example of Syunik’s architecture.
Then we will return to the hotel.

Trekking in a fabulous gorge with a cascade of waterfalls

The fairy tale of Syunik continues. This time you are going to hike to the most beautiful waterfall cascade of Lichk in the gorge of Meghri river. This trekking in Armenia is one of the most interesting
Perhaps, on the road the from Lichk to Meghri we will visit the fortress of Meghri, situated on an arduous top of the cliff. The fortress differs, because it hasn’t walls, they are replaced by high rocks.
The city of Meghri, deserves a special attention because of  its architecture and water supply system, which has been preserved from the Urartian times. Due to this, despite its dry subtropical climate, Meghri is described as a blooming oasis.
The overnight stay will be in Meghri, in a guest house or in a hotel.

The ancient fortress and the beauty of the reserve

The hiking tour without backpacks continues and maybe, on this day, we will hike to Meghri berd- the fortress of Meghri(if we didn’t manage to do it yesterday).
Then we will go to Shikahox reserve- located on the slopes of a mountain, at an altitude of 700-2800 m. About the whole territory of the reserve is covered with forests.  Here are presented many types of rare and endemic  plants.
Through the dreamlike passes of Meghri we will go to Sisian- a beautiful city, situated on both banks of  Vorotan river.
Here we will sleep.

Megalithic Observatory, the castle, the lake and geyser

In the morning we will go to one of the most mystical places of Armenia- to Zorats Qarer- to the stone troops standing here from the immemorial times. This megalithic complex is an ancient observatory and according to some sources it is also a school of sages.
Then we will continue our way to Vorotnavank- to the monastery built in the IX-XI centuries.
Beneath- at a distance of 2-3 km from Vorotnavank, on the right bank of Vorotan river, on the top of a mountain stand the ruins of Vorotnaberd fortress. Basalt rocks seem to grow from the river to the walls of the fortress, making the fortress impregnable on three sides, and only from the southern side, it was possible to enter the fortress.
After visiting ancient sights, we will have a rest near the hot sources and the lake.
Then we will go to another lake- to an artificial reservoir, where, right in the water stands a church of the XVI century- Tolorsivank. During the construction of the reservoir, the church was not rebuilt , and for forty years it has been standing in the water. Locals say that in the years when the water in the pond rises so high that it closes the dome of  the church, a very strong hail comes and destroys the harvest.
On this day the night stay will be in the region of Sisian.

Mystical volcano Ukhtasar and its surroundings

Ughtasar is the place, which we are going to visit on the 11th day of our tour. Here, on the slopes of a mountain, on huge territory, there were preserved amazing rock drawings, which tell a lot about life, legends and beliefs of the ancient people. You can see this kind of rock drawings in other regions of Armenia, too. All these drawings are characterized with the fact that they are at the same height(3000-3300 m) and are located next to glacial lakes, which used to be warmer than they are now.
Probably, we will go to the foothill of Ishxanasar. This is a volcanic mountain with a crater of 3549 m height. On the slopes there are many picturesque lakes with fresh water of a glacial origin.
After Ishxanasar we will return to Sisian in order to spend our night there.

Озеро Севан, возвращение в Ереван

On the 12th day of our hiking tour through Armenia without tents <>  we will return to Yerevan, passing through the beautiful highland of Seilm(Vardenyats), which is the part of the Great Silk Road, and here stands a medieval caravanserai, where many travelers stopped.
And of course we can't help ourselves not to use the opportunity of seeing Sevan lake.
Our tour ends on this and we return to Yerevan.

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2 2550 $ 3150 $ -
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The peculiarity of this tour is that it’s a hiking tour in Armenia, which means that we will make loads of trekkings and hikings, but for night we will stay in guest houses or hotels.

We will be glad to show you the other regions of Armenia. Most of our tours are formed so that all the lovers of hiking and traveling have a choice.

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