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Winter excursion in South Armenia for 5 days

Winter is a great time for excursions, especially for the excursions in a mountainous country, where, there are mountains everywhere, and every mountain covered with snow looks different. The southern part of Armenia is special because mountains here are everywhere- one is higher than the other.

Tour program

City tour of winter Yerevan

At Zvartnots airport, we will meet you and take you to the hotel. After you settle in and rest, you will have a city tour around Yerevan. 

Yerevan is a city, where there is always warm, even if it's winter outside. Thanks to people, who live in the city, and to the guests who are happy to see our pink city covered with snow.

Monastery at the foot of Ararat and resort town

In the morning we will drive to Khor Virap monastery- a monastery complex on a left bank of Araks River, on one of the hills of ancient Armenian capital Artashat. The monastery was founded in the V century, on a hole where, among the snakes and scorpions, Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 14 years.

We will continue our way to the south- to Jermuk city. Here you will have a tour around the city, during which you'll enjoy the area's beauty, the most beautiful waterfall, try well-known mineral waters of Jermuk. If you want, we'll organise a hike near the city.

Tatev - Vorotnavank - ancient Observatory

Tatev- a monastery in South Armenia, where, in the Middle Ages, the most famous university of Armenia was located. The monastery stands on a rock with steep edges- in the gorge of Vorotan river and looks at the mountains covered with snow.

Vorotnavank is another monastery on a hill above Vorotan gorge. The monastery was built in 1000.

Zorats Karer- an ancient megalithic complex, observatory, educational centre and worshiping place built thousands of years ago.
And for the overnight stay, we will return to Jemruk.

Noravank monastery and the main temples of Armenia

On the fourth day of our winter tour in South Armenia, we'll go to Noravank monastery. Noravank monastery together with Tatev was an important spiritual, cultural, and strategical centre of Syunik principality. The road, which leads to Noravank, passes through a picturesque gorge, where you can find a bezoar goat and a Caucasian leopard. If you want, we can pass the part of the road on foot.

Etchmiadzin- a city in Ararat valley. The city is the centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church, this becomes clear right at the entrance of the city. Here, an early medieval church "St. Hripsime" stands. In the centre of Etchmiadzin stands the Cathedral. The churches of St. Gayane, St. Shoghakat, and St.Mariam also stand here.

In the evening, we'll return to Yerevan.

Free time in winter Yerevan - departure

Before transfer to the airport, you can spend your free time visiting galleries and museums or taking a walk in the city.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 500 $ 600 $ 700 $

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
# Date Group size Booked

During this tour you will:
1. Walk trough Yerevan
2. See ancient monasteries- Khor Virap, Tatev, Noravank, and Vorotnavank
3. Visit ancient observatory of Zorats Karer
4. Go to the cities of Jermuk and Etchmiadzin...

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