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Winter hiking in Central Armenia for 5 days

Winter hiking in Central Armenia will be a fascinating adventure for you. During the hike, you will get acquainted with the main sights of central Armenia.

Tour program

Walking in Yerevan and its winter gorge

On the first day, we've organised a meeting at the airport, accommodation in the hotel and a walk through Yerevan that includes the gorge of Hrazdan River, which originates from Lake Sevan and flows into Araks river. The part of the gorge, which passes through the city's centre is one of the favorite resting places for Yerevanians. It's like a real corner of nature in a modern city.

Hike in the gorge of the Kasagh river and its ancient moanstery

As we've promised, trips and walks along and through the gorges will continue on the next day of a winter hike in Central Armenia.

We will go to the monasteries of Hovhannavank and Saghmosavank, which stand proudly on a hill, along Kasakh river's gorge. Of course, we've also planned to hike through this dreamlike winter gorge.

Hike in the gorge of the Azat river, the cave monastery and the pagan temple

Geghard, where we will hike the following day, stands among the rocks and is partially carved in the rock, due to which it has unique acoustics and lighting. From the rocks, water flows right into the church, and as people say, it has healing abilities.
Then, we will go to Garni(the temple of the Sun Mihr), which stands on the edge of a rock.
After, we'll get down to the gorge of Azat river, where we will see a huge stone organ and continue our way to Havuts Tar monastery.

Hike to the megalithic fortress on the slope of Aragats

And on the fourth day, we will hike to a megalithic fortress, to one of many fortresses preserved in the central part of Armenia and in other places of our country. Not only the fortress and the monasteries but also the caves of ancient people and an abandoned village, where we will continue to hike will tell a lot about the antiquity of the country.

Free time - transfer to the airport

In your free time on the fifth day, you can visit many interesting places in Yerevan, or near it.
We will provide you with a transfer to the airport.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 500 $ 650 $ 900 $

Individual prices

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# Date Group size Booked

We can proudly name it a hike through the gorges- almost every day we will have a hike or a trip to them and through them.

We can't see everything during these few days, but the hiking program is planned, so we can spend our time interesting and saturated as much as possible.

And all the night stays will be in Yerevan. This will give an extra time to spend it in the capital of Armenia.

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