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Armenia-Georgia Tour “ From mountains to sea”

You will join the mystery of many ancient temples and fortresses that offer picturesque views, soak in several hot springs and finish with a rest at the sea

Tour program

Arrival in Yerevan - Walk around the city

Your adventure begins from Armenia, Yerevan, where we'll meet you at the airport and help to find accommodation in a hotel or guest house.
After you take rest, you'll have a walk through Yerevan's most interesting and famous places. You'll see Yerevan from the top- from the observation deck, you can see singing fountains in the city centre...
Then, you'll have dinner in a cozy restaurant.

Geghard monastery - Garni Temple - Stone Symphony

Waking up early in the morning, we'll start the first part of our trip to Armenia. Today, we're going to see a wonderful place- Geghard monastery. It seems that nature or another power created this place specially for the monastery. The monastery is literally situated in the rocks, which form the gorge of the mountain river Goght. The monastery is partially carved in the rocks. Christian history of the monastery begins in the IV century, but, like many Christian monasteries and temples, Geghard was also built in the place of an ancient sanctuary. According to some sources, the rocky part of the monastery used to be an old temple. And the water that flows inside the monastery was considered sacred in ancient times, and according to believers, it has saved its healing ability. This monastery is also remarkable with the fact that the lance, which pierced Christ, had been kept here for a long time. If in Gegard only pre-Christian history has been preserved, then in Garni - where we will go next, a living testimony has survived. the temple of Garni is the only Hellenistic temple, preserved in the territory of Armenia and even in Caucasus territory. The temple is dedicated to the God of Sun- Mihr. And the majestic place on the edge of a deep gorge, where the temple stands, also seems to be created especially for this temple. The gorge, above which the temple of Garni stands, can't be ordinary. You will be convinced of this when you get down there. The stone symphony or stone organ stretching along the gorge was carved out of basalt.
And the hot springs, where we'll go next, will be the perfect ending of this day. Not far from the springs, we'll set up our campsite.
But before that, of course, if we manage, we'll get to the plateau of Azhdahak volcano. Besides picturesque landscapes, here are many things to see, too. Those are ancient petroglyphs and megalithic monuments- vishapakars, a fortress, and much more.

Sevan - Trchkan waterfall - Marmashen - Arpi Lake - Entrance to Georgia

The third day of  "Armenia-Georgia" tour we'll start in Armenia and end already in Georgia. 
Continuing to explore Armenia, we will visit many interesting places. And, though our trip promises a rest by sea, this isn't a reason not to see one of the most beautiful and largest mountain lakes in the world- Lake Sevan, situated in the ring of volcanic mountains, one of which is Azhdahak volcano. On Sevan Peninsula stands one of the most ancient monasteries of Armenia- Sevanavank. We'll go there. You will see picturesque mountains, gorges, and passes during your whole tour not only in Armenia but in Georgia, too. And driving through one of that beautiful passes, we will get to Dilijan city- a city drowned in dense forests. Not only water is perfect here, but also clean mountain air. And the surrounding beauty can be appreciated only seeing with your own eyes.
After this, through a beautiful and amazing gorge, we'll go to Trchkan waterfall. This is a natural monument, which is also the highest in Armenia. On our way, we'll go to an old cave settlement of ancient people. After seeing the waterfall and cave settlement, we'll drive to Shirak region- the boundary with Georgia. But before visiting Georgia, we'll see another monument- a medieval monastery of Marmashen. If we have time, we'll go to Arpi Lake- situated in Javakheti plateau.  Besides its beauty, Arpi Lake is also famous as a habitat for many species of birds.
In the evening, we'll cross the border and get to Georgia. From the border, we'll go to a fairy gorge, on the way, if we manage and if you like, we'll visit some interesting places. We have two days for exploring the gorge with its secrets and beauties. But before this, we'll settle in a guesthouse, on the bank of Kura River, in the forest.

Vardzia -Vanis Kvabebi - Hertvisi

We'll spend the fourth day of our trip in the gorge. Being in constant danger of attacking enemies, like Armenians, Georgians were also forced to build their monasteries in arduous places- in gorges, on high mountains. The monasteries often performed a defensive function. And the features of the area were always skillfully used. So, cave monastery of Vardzia, where we'll go, is carved in tuff “wall” of the mountain and consists of a complex system of caves that have done different functions and have been connected to each other. The monastery defended the gorge of Kura River from the invasion of Iranians and Turks, who came from the south.
Many Christian monasteries and temples were built in the place of ancient sanctuaries. And the place, where Vardzia and its surroundings are situated, has been considered sacred since ancient times. Besides other cave cities, here you can find megalithic structures, and even higher - megalithic fortresses.
On this day, we'll visit one of those ancient and powerful sanctuaries, which is more than 5000 y/o.
All these things, walks along fairy paths, visiting hot springs, perhaps visiting a village under the ground or the ancient fortress of Khertvisi, a delicious dinner in the guesthouse, a bonfire under the stars are waiting for us on this eventful and interesting day.

Campaign to the fortress of Tmogvi (Tmkaberd)

On the fifth day of "Armenia-Gerogia, from mountains to sea" tour, we'll visit several ancient places in the gorge, which we have started to explore on the third day of our trip. At first, we'll visit the old and majestic fortress of Tmbkaberd (Tmoghvi in Georgian). The fortress stands on three high hills, above the gorge. From here unique view to the whole surrounding opens. Despite the fact, that the fortress was mentioned for the first time in the X century, the real history of the fortress is older- min. 5000 years, but like many megalithic fortresses in Armenia and Georgia , it had been rebuilt many times. This fortress won't leave you indifferent.  
When we climb the mountain above Tmbkaberd, we'll see more beautiful views of the surrounding. For these two days, you will probably get used to the ancient 'Trails', which the ancestors of Armenians and Georgians had left here. We will go to a village, where mysterious megalithic complexes have been preserved.
In the evening, a tasty dinner, hot springs, swimming in Kura, and night walks are waiting for us.

Safara and Zarzma monasteries - Picturesque pass

On the morning of the sixth day, we'll go out of the gorge and drive to the sea through almost abandoned road. The road is so beautiful and interesting, that we won't reach the sea on this day. On our way, we'll visit two monasteries.
The first one is Safara monastery. Do you remember about 'habits' of Armenians and Georgians to build monasteries in arduous, hidden places, and about the fact that they were built in the place of old sanctuaries? So, the monastery of Safara was also built on the top of a mountain, and it is surrounded by a forest- in the place of an ancient Zoroastrian temple. Even the monastery's name is translated as "hidden".
And Zarzma monastery, where we'll go next, and which is perhaps older than Safara was built so it can be seen from the whole area.
The road is so beautiful and interesting that we'll stop several times to enjoy the views of surrounding landscapes, waterfalls, and magical mountains.
We'll sleep in tents, in a beautiful place, maybe by an ancient fortress with a spring or by a picturesque green lake. And those who want can stay in a hotel or in a village guesthouse (for an additional fee).

Mahuntseti Waterfall - Arrival at the sea

The sea is near. And on the seventh day of our tour by the sea, we'll get there. But before that, we'll go to another picturesque place- to Makhuntseti waterfall. The water here is so cold and fresh, that many people believe, that if you swim there you'll find youth, body and soul strength.
And, finally, we're here, by the sea. You will settle here, in a cozy guesthouse and continue your tour enjoying the sea and Sun of Adjaria. Here, we wish you a good rest and say goodbye to you.

Rest at the sea

On these days, you'll enjoy your holidays by the sea.

The important feature of the tour is that it may be changed. With our help or you yourself can extend your stay by the sea. Besides, we can change the days of visiting places. Despite, extending your stay by the sea, you can also extend your trip in Armenia or in Georgia.
You may get to Yerevan yourself- by car, train, plane or minibus, or we can organise a transfer.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 810 $ - -

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
8 and more 810 $ - -
7 830 $ - -
4 - 6 890 $ - -
3 1110 $ - -
2 1500 $ - -

The price of the Armenia-Georgia tour includes:

  • Travel in comfortable cars
  • Accommodation in guest houses
  • Food (hot breakfasts and dinners and picnics at lunch)
  • Entrance ticket
  • Guide service

The cost of the Armenia-Georgia tour does not include:

  • Air ticket
  • Single occupancy
  • Meals during a holiday at the sea
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Transfer from Batumi to Yerevan 
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
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2 25 Jun , 2021 -
3 16 Jul , 2021 -
4 6 Aug , 2021 -
5 3 Sep , 2021 -

Armenia and Georgia are two countries that are similar to each other and at the same time very different from each other. Armenians' and Georgians' forefathers- Hayk(Armenian) and Kartlos(Georgian) were brothers and descendants of Noah. Even calling each other we use such words that aren't used in other languages. So, Armenians call Georgia- Vrastan, and Georgians call Armenia- Somkheti.
During our “ From mountains to sea” tour we are going to get acquainted with these two interesting countries, know many secrets, and perhaps hear loads of jokes.
Being one of the first countries to adopt Christianity (Armenia-301, Georgia-326), many temples and monasteries have been built here since the IV century. During our trip, we'll see some of them.

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