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Mshkavank monastery

The name of the monastery Mshkvank is associated with the word MSHAK (stone-worker), and this is a rare phenomenon in the Church history of Armenia, when a Church or monastery is not named after a God or a Saint, or in honor of benefactors, but in honor of simple stonemasons.

Mshkavank monastery is located near the village of Kohb in the Tavush region of Armenia. The monastery stands on a wooded hill. There is no information about the date of Foundation of the monastery. There are suggestions that it was founded in the V-VI centuries, on the site of a pagan temple.

It was first mentioned in 1219. only the Church of Surb Astvatsatsin with a narthex has survived. On both sides of the Church there are two cells, the entrance of which is cut off in the narthex. The monastery is built of white, madder and blue felsite. The Church and narthex are richly decorated with bas-reliefs.

The Church is basically square and is a single-nave hall with a semi-cylindrical vault.

Around Mshkavank there is a cemetery with many khachkars, and in the North side there is a chapel.