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Hiking without backpacks in Tavush region of Armenia for 12 days

If, for you, resting in nature, first of all, is mountain climbing, walking through the forests and relaxing on the banks of the mountains, then this trip is especially for you.12days-hike will be around one of the green regions of Armenia- around Tavush. Here, mountains covered with thick forests and medieval monasteries are hiding everywhere.

Tour program

Lake Sevan and the beauty of the resort town

Our fascinating hike begins with a visit to a beautiful city of Dilijan. The part of the road from Yerevan to DIlijan passes through Sevan lake's shore. Surely we will use the chance to show you our beauty- Sevan Lake.
In Dilijan, we will stay in a hotel or in a rest house.
In the evening, you'll have free time and you can get acquainted with the city. It is covered with forests, and you can feel it in the clean air of the city.

Hike through the mountain forest to the ancient monasteries

Not far from Dilijan- to the north from it, on two hills standing against each other, there are two medieval monasteries built in the XI-XII centuries. We will hike to them- at first to the monastery of Matosavank, then to the monastery of Jukhtakvank. After this, the hike will be continued through a mountain forest path to Haghartsin monastery. The monastery covered with forests marvels with its architecture and has been standing here since X-XIII centuries. Seems like it looks after the forests and their inhabitants.
After the hike, we will return to Dilijan.

Hike to forest lakes and monastery

On the third day of the hike without backpacks in Tavush region, we will go to Lake Parz. The lake has a gentle greeny shade and is surrounded by thick forests. Then, through the forest paths, we will hike to the medieval monastery of Goshavank, which stands in the forests of Dilijan's National Park. From Goshavank we will hike to another lake that hides in the forests- to Lake Gosh. The overnight stay will be in the tents, near the bank of this beautiful and cool lake or in another picturesque place.

Picturesque mountain trails of Tavush

On the fourth day, we will continue finding the secrets of Tavush forests- during the hike through the mountain forest to the mountain village.
The overnight stay will be in a picturesque meadow, in the tents.

Climbing Carktasar mount and ancient monastery

On this day we've organised a climbing to the mountain Karktasar- to a height of 2740 m. After ascending and descending the mountain, the hike will be continued to another, lost in the forests monastery. In Tavush region, there are many monasteries of this kind. The monastery of Old Getik was destroyed by the earthquake and instead, in another place, a new monastery of Goshavank was built, about which, by then, you will know.
The overnight stay will be in the tents, not far from the monastery (possibility in a guest house).

Climbing Miapor and picturesque mountains

Early in the morning, we will go to the foothill of Miapor mountain, on the way we will see another medieval monastery- Aghavnavank.
To Miapor we will ascend from one side, and will descend from the other side. The height of the mountain is 2993 m. At first, we will ascend through a forest, and then through alpine meadows.
Descending Miapor from the other side, we will hike through a picturesque highland to the town of Berd.
The overnight stay will be near Berd.

A trip to the cyclopean fortress and ancient monasteries

Besides the fortress of the X century, why the town was probably named so(Berd- a fortress in Armenian), and to which we will go on the morning of the seventh day, in the area of Berd, there is also another ancient Cyclopean fortress.
Then, the hike will be continued to a forest meadow, where the medieval monastery of Srvegh stands. Perhaps, if we have time and wish, we will hike to the lake Parvakar and to the monastery of Varaghavank.
The overnight stay will be in the tents (possibility in a hotel or in a guest house).

Forest trails of Tavush

In the morning of eighth day, the hike without  backpacks in Tavush region will be continued in the monasteries of Mshkavank (with amazing bas-reliefs) and Surb Sargis.
The overnight stay will be in the tents, in a picturesque place(possibility in a guest house).

The ancient and picturesque gorge and its secrets

Hikes to the lost in the thick forests monasteries of Tavush will be continued on this day, too. We will hike to the monastery of Arakeloc and then to Kiranc. Both monasteries are situated in a fairy gorge that has ancient spiritual history.
The overnight stay will be in the tents, not far from Kiranc.

Picturesque mountain gorge and sanctuary

On the tenth day, you can choose- either hiking down to the picturesque gorge or getting there in a car. Maybe, on our way, we will organise a hike to Dekhtsnut monastery- to one of the unique monuments of medieval church architecture.
Makravank monastery, to which we will hike next, stands on a mountain. The monastery, with the richness and beauty of its ornaments, has a special place among the Armenian monasteries.
The overnight stay will be in Idjevan- in a hotel or in a guest house.

Waterfall, caves and extreme park

The penultimate day of the hike without backpacks in Tavush region of Armenia will begin with a trip to a mountain village, then to the waterfall and Lastiver caves. Lastiver is a perfect place, where you can relax and get nature's life-giving energy.
The day will be continued in an extreme park, where you can try the zip line, climbing, walking along the ropes in the rope park and many other extreme activities.
Then, we will probably hike to Samson monastery. For many centuries, the monastery standing in the forest's surroundings seems to has grown together with the surrounding nature.

Hike through the mountains to lake Sevan, hot springs, return to Yerevan

In the morning, the hike through mountains begins- from Dilijan to Lake Sevan.
Again admiring Sevan, we will return to Yerevan, but, on the way, we may stop at a place, where there are hot springs.

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During the hike you won't carry your backpacks, this will let you fully enjoy all the beauties of amazing Tavush region.

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