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Hiking without tents in Tavush region of Armenia for 9 days

Тavush is the richest in forests region in Armenia. Tavush is rich with mountain rivers, too. Somewhere in the mountains, among forests, there are hidden small lakes. In mysterious forests, on the banks of swift rivers, ancient monasteries and churches are hidden.

Tour program

The beauty of the Sevan lake and the resort town

On our way, Sevan Lake will meet you first, because the way to Tavush passes through the lake's area.
The acquaintance with Tavush starts with Dilijan- it is a resort city, which is famous not for its water, which as you remember is the 2nd in the world, but for its nature, too. The city is located in the National Park. Dilijan is also interesting with its architecture and cozy guest houses, hotels, and rest houses. In one of them, we are going to stop.
On this day, you will have free time. For example, you can walk through the old city.

Mountain trails leading to ancient monasteries

You already know about monasteries standing on the hills and mountains. To two of them, we're going to hike on the second day of the tour. Those are the medieval monasteries of Matosavank and Djukhtakvank. The hike will be continued through a picturesque mountain path to one of the
well-known monasteries of Tavush- to Haghartsin monastery.
After Haghartsin, we will return to Dilijan for the overnight stay.

Mountain forest lakes and forest trails

On this day, we will mostly hike to the picturesque lakes. The first lake is Parz- the most part of the lake's  shore is surrounded by trees, the shadow of which falls on the green waters of the lake.
After Parz Lake, the hike will be continued through a mountain path to the monastery of Goshavank. In this monastery, Mkhitar Gosh wrote fables a his law book.
From Goshavank monastery, we will continue our way to Gosh Lake. This lake has to be seen. It is beautiful at all times of the year.
For the overnight stay, we will return to DIlijan.

Hike to the waterfall and caves + extreme park

We will start the day with a visit to a mountain village, from where we will hike to one of the most beautiful places of Tavush- to Lastiver. Nature did its best for this place. Here are ancient caves, which are connected with a complicated rope system, the most beautiful waterfalls, and all this beauty is surrounded by forests.
We will continue the day in an extreme park- with its activities, such as zip line, climbing, rope park, etc.
Before returning to Dilijan for the overnight stay, we will probably go to Samson monastery.

Hike through the mysterious and picturesque gorge

Surely, almost all the monasteries in Tavush weren't situated by the chance in the thick forests. The closeness of nature and privacy created all the conditions for the monks' spiritual activities. We will hike to this type of monasteries- to Arakeloc and Kiranc monasteries.
A hike through a picturesque gorge and, possibly, visiting another monastery- Deghtsut, will complete the day's impressions.
After, we will return for the overnight stay.

Free day or a trip to the ancient monasteries

On the sixth day of our hiking without tents in Tavush region, you can choose- either stay in the city and get acquainted with it(on this day you'll have free time) or participate in another interesting hiking.
In the case of hiking, after 2 hours of driving, we will ascend to the medieval monasteries of Mshkavank and Surb Sargis, which are situated in a colorful mountain forest.

The ascent of mount Miapor

On the seventh day of the tour, we will climb the mountain Miapor. The height of the mountain reaches almost 3000 m. The western and southern slopes of the mountain are steep, and the eastern ones are more moderate. We ascend to the mountain on one side, on the way we 'll pass through the forests, and descend from the other.
And through the picturesque highland, we will go to the city of Berd, near which we'll spend the night.

A trip to the ancient fortress and monastery

Berd is a small town in Tavush region. There are some sights, in the town. We will visit one of them- the fortress of the X century.
Then we will hike to the monastery of Srvegh- once it was one of the important spiritual centres in the region. There are churches and ruins of other monastic buildings that can tell many things about the history of the monastery.
Maybe then we will visit another forest lake- Parvakar, and also the monastery of Varaghavank.
The overnight stay will be in Berd or near it.

Ancient sanctuaries of Tavush, Sevan, hot springs - return to Yerevan

We will finish our "Hiking without tents in Tavush region of Armenia for 9 days" with Makaravank and Aghavnavank monasteries. The first one is a large monastery complex, one of the important spiritual centres of Tavush. The second one is lost in the forest church with almost destroyed buildings, but this doesn't make it less interesting and attractive.
We will return to Yerevan through Sevan, and perhaps, on the way, we will stop by the hot springs.

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All overnight stays during this hiking in Tavush region of Armenia will be in guest houses and hotels. Tents in this campaign are not necessary.

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