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"9 days in Lori" Active tour in Armenia without tents

For active rest lovers, we offer a tour in Armenia- in Lori. Lori is one of the most beautiful parts of Armenia. People have lived here since the Stone Age, the Bronze Age was specially developed, which is evidenced by artifacts founded in Vanadzor and in Lori Berd. There are many historical and cultural monuments here, and two of them are the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.Especially Lori's nature is worth to mention. Rich in natural forests Lori is one of the greenest regions of Armenia. On the territory of Lori, we can see 3000 species of plants and more than 350 species of birds.

Tour program

Moving to Lori and getting to know the secrets of the ancient fortress

So Lori exploration begins. But before this, on the way to the region, we'll visit beautiful Saghmosavank monastery that impresses both with its architecture and the area's beauty chosen for its construction.
The acquaintance with Lori will start with Lori Berd. The fortress is located on high plains between two rivers. People lived here since the Bronze Age, and in the Middle Ages (X) the megalithic fortress was rebuilt here. After seeing the upper part of Lori Berd, we will hike through its picturesque gorges, which keep many secrets.
The night stay will be in eco-resort or in a sanatorium near Dendropark.

Hike along the picturesque paths to the ancient monasteries

On this day we'll get acquainted with several monasteries of Lori. Let's begin with a church in Kurtan village which is situated on a left bank of a river. Then we'll continue to hike to Hnevank monastery, which is situated on the right bank.
We'll go to Ardvi- to the monastery of Srbanes or Surb Hovhannes. The monastery was founded in the VIII century. It is interesting because it was built not from purely hewn stones, like most Armenian churches and monasteries, but from formless pieces of andesite.
In Odzun, where we'll hike next, stands ancient monastery, the foundation of which, according to the legend, is associated with Apostle Thomas.
The night stay will be in Haghpat village.

Mountain scenic trail and the ancient sanctuary Lori

On the morning of the third day, we'll start hiking from Odzun to Horomayr and Kobayr monasteries.
Horomayr stands on the left side of Debed River's gorge(Lori's main river). The monastery consists of 2 structures- upper and lower. These two parts are connected with an almost impassable path.
Then the road leads to Kobayr monastery. Like Horomayr, Kobayr is also situated on the edge of a gorge, as if it's impregnable. All the structures of the monastery were built with taking into account relief's difficulties.
After finishing this hike, we'll go to Haghpat. It seems that the whole nature of Lori is represented in Haghpat. Here, in one place there are- gorges, mountains, forests, and of course the medieval monastery of Haghpat. It is still one of the main spiritual centres of Armenia.
The night stay will be in Haghpat.

The ascent of mount Lalvar

On the fourth day of the active tour in Armenia "9 days in Lori", in SUV we'll pass from Haghpat to the foothill of Lalvar mountain, from where we'll climb the mountain top. The mountain isn't so high(2544 m) but nature here is adorable. It is rich in alpine plants, and the north side in forests."
After climbing the mountain, we'll return to Haghpat.

A trip to a mysterious fortress and an ancient monastery

In the morning, we'll hike through a mountain forest, after which, we'll drive to Sedvi village in SUV. From there, we will go to the monastery and fortress of Sedvi. Although the construction of monasteries and fortresses in the gorges and on their edges had practical importance, it also gave special beauty to these buildings.
Both the monastery and fortress(XIII) were built in the gorge, in the place, where once was a settlement the traces of which can be found in the whole area.
The night stay will be in Haghpat.

Hike through the fortress in a colorful gorge to the monastery

Two kilometers from Haghpat- on the cape, surrounded by deep gorges stands the fortress of Kayan. We will hike there.
Not far from the fortress, there's another defensive structure- Zarni Parni. As in many cases, including Kayan fortress, natural features of the area were used for defensive purposes. Stone structures were built near the caves on the rocks- an observation tower and a protective wall. This is our next destination of today's hike.
Sanahin, where we will hike next, was built like many other monasteries- on a hill, by a riverbank. The monastery was one of the important and great medieval spiritual and scientific centres, which is evidenced by not only churches, but also by numerous ancillary structures of the monastery- the seminary building, a book depository, and so on.
If we manage, we'll probably go to Akhtala fortress, where Akhtala monastery stands.
For the night stay, we'll return to Haghpat.

Climbing the mountain of Surb Luys colorful neighborhood

Above it was said that Haghpat stands at the mountains' foothill, and so, one of these mountains is called Surb Luys (Holy Light). It is named so because of the holiness of this place and because the Sun in Haghpat rises from this mountain. On the eight day of our tour we will climb exactly this mountain. From there open many picturesque views to the surrounding mountain landscapes.
After getting down from Surb Luys mountain, we'll go to Haghpat for the night stay.

Mountain rivers, gorges and an ancient monastery

The beautiful gorge of Martz is one of the places that need to be visited. Of course, we'll hike through the gorge.
Then, from the gorge, we'll hike to the monastery of Bardzrakash Surb Grigor. The monastery was destroyed by ground peculiarities, but richly decorated stones of the monastery amaze with their beauty.
The monastery is located not far from Dsegh village, so we'll hike there. From Dsegh, we'll go to a picturesque mountain river that has some small waterfalls. The river is Debed's tributary.
For the night stay, we'll return to Haghpat.

Lake Sevan and hot springs - return to Yerevan

On the last day of the hiking in Armenia, we'll hike not through Lori, but through other beautiful places. At first, we'll drive to Dilijan- a city with amazing nature and interesting architecture, and of course with water(not only from the water tap but also mineral).
Passing through the mountain serpentine, we'll get to Lake Sevan.
And through places that has completely different and fascinating nature, we will return to Yerevan. And yes, on the way, we'll also stop by the hot springs.

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5 2 Oct , 2021 -

Forests and swift rivers helped to origin culture and life. So, wooden houses that aren't characteristic to “stone” Armenia, are situated especially in the northern part of the region, these are found as often as stone houses.
During the tour, we'll stay in hotels, guest houses, and eco-camping, due to this you'll have extra time to spend it interestingly.

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