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Miapor Mountain, Murghuz

Miapor mountains (Mrghuz, Murghuz) or Miapor mountain range stretches on the border of Gegharkunik, Tavush regions of Armenia and Azerbaijan. These are folded mountains that stretch 54 km towards the north-west: from the junction of Agstev and Getik rivers to the top of Kashatagh.

Paytasar, Akhum, Tavush, Kenac and Khndzorut mountain ranges start from the northern and western slopes.

Also, the rivers of Akhum, Tavush, and Khnzorut start from here. In some places, there are preserved yew groves of the Tertiary period. South-western slopes are included in the territory of ''Dilijan'' national park.

The highest peak of the range is Miapor, which has a height of 2993 m. Northern slopes are covered with forests. In the high-altitude zones dominates the mountain-meadow landscape.

The name Miapor comes from the word ''mi''- a, one and ''por''- gorge. It is associated with Getik river, which practically flows through one gorge without taking large tributaries on its way.

Legend has that in 1219, Genghis Khan headed north through Atropatene and passed through Miapor Mountains to conquer Russian lands. Destroying everything and killing inhabitants in its way, the army of Genghis Khan was taken for the destruction of chamois. When one of the Khan's soldiers took his arrow and killed the chamois, which was feeding the calf, the calf rushed to Genghis Khan’s daughter, who was following his father during the whole way. Finding no protection, the calf froze from fear and died. At this moment, the forest's Mongolian fairy appeared and cursed the princess and her father for their inhuman behavior, and after their death, no one would know the place of their graves, and the ones who could find out it, would get bodily immortality.

Because of the cold, foggy weather, storms and rain, Genghis Khan's army passed through the mountain and got to Miapor mount with great difficulty. Here, the daughter of Genghis Khan died of cold and fatigue. A grieving father buried his daughter right on the mountain in a coffin made of gold and precious stones. Until now, many treasure seekers are trying to find the grave of Khan’s daughter on Miapor.