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May tour to Armenia (easy hike in the South with rest in Jermuk) 6-11may

May tour (from may 6 to may 11) - an easy hike in the South of Armenia is a hike through the famous monasteries and fortresses, it is an opportunity to see the nature of the South of Armenia, which takes your breath away, to pass through the pass that was part of the silk road. And this is not the whole list of what awaits you. An important advantage of the tour is that you will stay in Jermuk - a city with beautiful nature, famous mineral water and geysers. In addition, the price includes access to a variety of SPA treatments. Warning:): make Sure that you have enough memory in your phone, photo / video device, you will always want to shoot everything around you:

Tour program

Blooming spring city

The may trip in Armenia will start for you the moment you land in Armenia, and after a short rest in the hotel, you will walk around Yerevan. Walking around the city center, especially in spring, filled with the smells of flowering trees, is a favorite activity of Yerevan residents and guests.

Khor Virap - Areni - Noravank - Jermuk

The may trip to the South of Armenia will begin with a trip to the Khor Virap monastery, which stands on a hill in the Ararat valley. (hint - here you can get beautiful, as on a postcard photo of Ararat). 

Then you will visit the village of Areni, which is one of the world's centers of the origin of winemaking. here you will find a cave where wine was made in the 6th Millennium BC. 

After Areni, you will go along the picturesque gorge to the Noravank monastery. The monastery stands on a background of red-red rocks, and the monastery is also almost the same color. 

After Noravank, a trip to Jermuk, where the next day the hike will continue.

Zorats karer - Devil's bridge - Tatev - Shaki - Jermuk

The place where you will go in the morning is so ancient that there is still a debate about its age. This is the oldest zorac karer Observatory. Only a small part of the secrets of the ancient sages hidden in these places managed to unravel.  

Tatev monastery is the next point of the may holiday campaign in the South of Armenia. Here again, you will have to grab the camera all the time. The medieval monastery is located on a rock and offers a stunning view of the entire area. By the way, the monastery is reached by a cable car, one of the longest in the world. 

On your return to Jermuk, you will find another interesting place-a bridge created by nature over the river. It's called the Devil's bridge. And perhaps also a very interesting waterfall.

Spitakavor monastery - Proshaberd fortress - Jermuk

On victory day, you will have a trip to the Spitakavor monastery and the Proshaberd fortress. Spitakavor stands on the side of a mountain - it is a small but charming medieval monastery made of white felsite, from which the name of the monastery comes (Spitak-white). 

Proshaberd also stands near Spitakavor on a mountain whose height is almost 2900m. during the construction of the fortress, all the features of the area were masterfully used and an almost impregnable fortress was built. 

In the evening, you will return to Jermuk.

Shatinvanq monastery - Smbataberd fortress - Jermuk

Shatinvanq where you go in this day, stands on the hillside. The monastery is in a dilapidated state, but there are many khachkars that testify to the past of the monastery - Shatinvank was a significant spiritual center of the middle ages. 

After Shutinvanq you waiting for the rise of the hill where stands the fortress of Smbataberd. The views that open from the fortress are difficult to describe - you just need to see them. And of course, the fortress itself is a great example of this idea.

And again we will spend the night in Jermuk.

Lake Sevan-Hayravank-Lchashen-Hot springs-Yerevan

On the way back to Yerevan, you will find a lot of interesting things to do-travel along the same pass that was part of the silk road - the Vardenyats pass, where there is still a caravanserai that served travelers in the middle ages. 

After passing through the pass, you will get to lake Sevan. On the shore of the lake there are many attractions (not counting the lake itself). 

Two of them - the monastery of Hayravank and cyclopean fortress of Lchashen you will see in that day. 

Then you will go to the hot mineral springs to feel the power of their healing power. 

In Yerevan, you can take a walk around Yerevan, or if necessary, a transfer to the airport will be arranged for you.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 750 $ 750 $ 750 $

The price of an easy trip to Armenia for may holidays includes:

  • Accommodation in a comfortable sanatorium in Jermuk and in a guest house in Yerevan
  • 3 meals a day (hot Breakfast and dinner + lunch boxes at lunch)
  • Free SPA treatments
  • Transportation by comfortable car including transfers to the airport
  • Visiting all specified places
  • Guide service

The cost of an easy trip to Armenia for may holidays does not include:

  • Air ticket
  • Supplement for single occupancy ($100)
  • Additional days of stay in Yerevan (before and after the tour)
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
# Date Group size Booked
1 6 May , 2021 -

This is the second part of our tours to Armenia at the beginning of may, you can join as well and to the first part 1 to 5 may Tour to Armenia in may (the center and North)

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