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7 days in the forests of Armenia Excursion tour in the north of Armenia

If the weather is favorable, the first thing that you will see just after landing at our ancient land is Majestic Ararat, filled with bright and wholesome armenian sun. Let's come to the main programme of the excursion.

Tour program

City tour in Yerevan

After you land, our staff memebers who will be waiting for you at Zvartnots airport, will help you to get to the hotel. Then you can have arest or start the aquaintance with the city.
This can be done in 2 ways. The first one is self-made tour, maybe with the help of our recommendations. And the second way has its two possible versions. Whether you join to a city tour, i.e.  the bus version excursion, whether you can have a walk in some interesting angles of Yerevan.

Moving to the North of Armenia, rest on lake Sevan and Dilijan

This day, in the morning starts the major programme of our north tour.
We will get across Gegharkunik region, which is related to the central part of Armenia. In the evening we will get to the northern parts- to Tavush province.
The firts stop is Sevan Lake. It is comfortably situated on the ringed volcanoes at the altitude of 1900 m above sea level. The azure blue lake of Sevan is one of the biggest alpine lakes in the world that has freshwater. To overlook the beauty of the lake you have to get to the top of Peninsula, where the monastery of Sevanavank stands. The christian history of it starts  from VIII century. Moreover,  on the peninsula you can find ruins of ancient temples and fortresses.
You can continue admiring Sevan during your meal in the pleasant restaurant by the lake.
Then our road continues to the land of mountain forests, to the region of Tavush. We can get there by paassing through the mountains. To be honest, we will greatly reduce  the distance by  driving through 3 km tunnel, and then through the curves , from each of which open picturesque views and in the end we will come down to the gorge of Aghstev river.
At night, we are going to stay in a resort town of Dilijan, in the surrounding forests of which there are many  artistic rest-houses. Next day you will be closer aquaintanced with the region of Tavush.

Dilijan, ancient monasteries and a master class on the art of pottery

On the 3rd day tour to Dilijan waits for you. In the first half of the day you will have a chance to participate in an unqiue master-class of pottery art. The pottery master will show his abilities and open some secrets to you, also the master will give you the chance to create yourself. For example, tea cup, from which later you can drink tea and remember the fresh mountain air of Dilijan. At your request your art creations can be subsequently burnt and given to you at the end of the tour.
Those who won't take part in a master-class can enjoy Dilijan's nature themselves or can take part in a hiking to Dilijan forests, only then get to the monastery of Matosavank. After dinner, you are going to have a trip to a medevial monastery of the  X century, situated on the top of Tavush mountains. You will be admired not only with the monastery, but with beautiful views too, whcih will be opened from the nearly located fields.
If we have time, we will go to another mountain- Goshavank monastery. Exactly here laid the new created basis of a fair low which were based on divine laws.
In the evening, before dinner you will have an excursion around  old Dilijan.
That night again we're going to spend in Dilijan where the healing air will help you to have a healthier sleep.

Monastery in the mountain forest and fortress

In the first half of the fourth day, the excursion around Tavush will be continued. We will visit another forest moutain-Makaravank monastery, perhaps the most powerful church in Tavush region. On our way to the monastery we will have a break and will be able to have a look at unforgattable Tavush mountains.  The forests' healing fresh air will awaken our appetite,  and we will go to a nice place for having a tasty lunch there.
Here ends the excursion around Tavush and starts the excursion to Lori. Lori hides a lot of secrets, because here are situated many ancient monasteries and fortresses, which have a history that goes down to the depths of centuries. Here you will visit Akhtala fortress. This architectural monument was built in the X century. Here the elements of armenian, georgian and byzantian architecture are originally mixed. But this isn't typical for armenian monasteries and relates to the period of Chalcedonian influence in the north of Aremenia.
The next spiritual centre is Haghpat monastery. It's beauty and power will absolutely impress you. Haghpat used to be the region's spiritual centre of enlightenment, but now Sanahin, the monastery situated in front of Haghpat, won this title.
On this day you will have dinner and sleep in a place not far from the monastery Haghpat.

The oldest monastery of the region and the fortress above the deep gorge

The fifth day of the excursion starts  with a visit to another cultural heritage of UNESCO- the monastery of Sanahin. This is a medevial cultural, spiritual and  sciential centre, which has challenged the primacy of Haghpat  monastery.
Going down to the gorge and getting higher you will come up to the oldest survived monastery in Lori - Odzun. It was built in the VII century.
It concludes the monument devoted tour of Lori. The ancient Lori Berd is waiting for us. In the edge of two gorges that merge in one, flows a freedom lover river Dzoraget.
On the way to the fortress we will have a little break. Those who want, can reach to the edge of the gorge and enjoy the view. The gorge has special and picturesque beauty in that place. And those, who don't want to do this, can gather up some curing herds or just lay on the grass.
Overnight stay will be in  a pretty place, not so far from the town Stepanavan.

Ancient monastery in the gorge, Gyumri, return to Yerevan

This is the last day of the north Armenia excursion. We leave Lori and go to Shirak province - to the rough region, in the mountains of which you can find many megalithic structures, a city ruins of II - III thousand years  AD...also dragon-stones,  which are guarding the region.
We will set a course to Marmarashen monastery, located in a beautiful place, on the bank of Axuryan river. In fact this place is dominant in Shirak province.
Our route to this lies through a small but interesting cave settlement, and also through the 2nd largest city of Armenia - Gyumri. Here we are going to have our dinner.
With this our tour comes to its end, and we go back to Yerevan. But on the way we are going to have a farewell dinner.
After getting to the hotel you will have loads of free time in the city.

Free time in Yerevan - Transfer to airport

Your airport transfer will be organised at a convinient time for you or you can continue your trip around Armenia choosing another excursion tour that is going to start the following day.
In any case, you will leave our country with positive emotions, and we will impatiently wait to see you again in our fertile land!

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Individual prices

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4 and more 880 $ 1020 $ 1150 $
3 990 $ 1150 $ 1330 $
2 1320 $ 1470 $ 1670 $
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Happy to see you in Armenia!!
If the weather is favorable, the first thing that you will see just after landing at our ancient land is Majestic Ararat, filled with bright and wholesome armenian sun.
If you've chosen this tour we have to say that it's an excursion tour of Armenia.
You have a chance to devote your free time to this relaxed contemplation of beauty  or have some short but interesting walks and hikings or enjoy the beauty from differen angles. Besides that you will have an opportunity  to be introduced to armenian pottery, which has 4000 years of history.
Our road lies through mountain forests, that keep hidden the ancient monasteries, bewitching beauty of deep gorges, where the turbulent water flows from the mountains, and of course through Sevan Lake.
The north Armenia tour is one of the four versions of our classic Armenia excursions.
Despite the ''neighbourhood'' - every region in the north (both central and southern parts) has its own character. You will understand it from the very beginning of your trip. You will be surprised with various  nature landscapes, with rich flora and fauna and with abundance of cultural and historical monuments.
Let's come to the main programme of the excursion.

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