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"Bright colors of southern Armenia" Hike in Armenia 7 days

The South of Armenia is ideal for those who love the contrasts of nature. Here the high mountains are replaced by deep gorges... It should be noted that not only on foot, but also the car part of the "Trekking for 7 days" will be held in the beautiful mountains and gorges.

Tour program

The magic gorge and the most ancient megalithic Observatory
  • Moving to Noravank gorge in the morning
  • Hiking from the gorge to the monastery and then through the gorge
  • Moving to the oldest complex Zorats Karer
  • Moving to Tatev gorge
  • A night stay in tents(possibility to stay in a hotel or in a guest house)

The hiking part starts with Noravank gorge. Along the gorge, there are "walls" of almost vertical red rocks that have volcanic origin, where many mysterious caves are situated. The picturesque gorge, through which the road passes has a great ecological meaning. Rare plants grow here, the gorge is a very Important Ornithological territory, besides, here also lives one of the rare fauna types- the Iranian Panther.
In addition, in the gorge there is one of the most beautiful monuments of Armenian architecture of the Middle Ages. Noravank Monastery is built from stone of the same orange color as the surrounding rocks, completing the natural beauty of this area.
 The oldest megalithic complex Zorats Karer occupies a huge territory, on which the ancient observatory, ancient tombs, remains of a cyclopean fortress and many other things are located- “witnesses” of the antiquity of this area.
Another beautiful gorge in the southern part of Armenia is the gorge of Vorotan river or Tatev gorge. This gorge is a place with amazing views of bare rocks covered with forests, a place with a unique flora and many healing sources. Also, in the gorge, there is an awesome nature bridge- Devil's bridge. The gorge is rich in historical monuments, for example, Tatev's desert- famousmedieval spiritual centre.

Trekking to Tatev desert and mineral caves
  • Moving to a viewing platform
  • Hiking to Devil's Bridge
  • Hiking to the Big Desert of Tatev
  • A night stay on a halfway to Tatev (opportunity to stay in a guest house)

Excellent knowledge about the gorge and its features, including about how sound spreads through it, in the Middle Ages made it possible to create an amazing warning system in case of a danger. In different parts of the gorge many viewing platforms with bells were been set, which alternatively notified about the approaching enemy. At the moment, only one of these Viewing Platforms has been remained intact, although it has lost its original function. But due to its <> location, from here opens an incredible view to the gorge, surrounding rocks and mountains- covered with thick and picturesque forests.
Above the river Vorotan, with the help of wind and mineral water, nature "built" a bridge from the cooled mass of lava. On the bridge called Devil's bridge passes a road that is quite reliable, which can't be said about what happens under the bridge. Only very brave and experienced swimmers can swim under the bridge, and even in summer, dry months. One of the bridge's devilries is that less water flows under it than it does on the other side.
 In Tatev gorge- on the right bank of Vorotan river, at the junction with its tributary, surrounded with forests, stands the Big Desert of Tatev. Even despite the fact that the complex is getting emptier, and some buildings are half-destroyed, he saved his amazing strength and energy.

Tatev and a hike through the ancient cities in the picturesque gorge
  • Hiking to the monastery of Tatev
  • Cable Car "Wings of Tatev"
  • Hiking to Old Halidzor
  • Hiking to Old Shinuhayr
  • A night stay in Old Shinuhayr(our car will bring the backpacks there)

On the natural base of rocks stands Tatev Monastery, crowning all the natural and historical monuments of Tatev gorge. Here stand medieval churches, a churn with millstones, a swinging pillar built on a hinge principle, ancient frescoes made by European masters, khachkars and so on. From the windows of buildings maze of the monastery, from different angles open views to the gorge.
From the monastery, above the gorge passes a cableway with the length of almost 6000 m, from the cabin of which- from a bird's-eye view (about 320 m) you can see Tatev gorge in all its beauty.
Because of its natural defensive position, many villages were located in the gorge of Vorotan River, some of which are now deserted- in the middle of 20s the settlements were carried to more <> territories, but the old houses, churches and other structures that are the part of this place's history were preserved. One of them is Old Halidzor, with houses coming out from the rocks and standing on top of each other in the form of cascades.
Another ancient deserted settlement- Old Shinuhayr. It is one of the oldest places in this region of Armenia. About this, there are evidences of old churches, tombs and many khachkars.

Secrets of the cave cities of Syunik
  • Hiking to Old Khot
  • Hiking to Khndzoresk
  • A night stay in tents or in caves of Khndzoresk (an opportunity to sleep  in equipped caves)

Old Khot and Khndzoresk were also abandoned by their residents, but they saved unique buildings. In Old Khot, the houses were “arranged” first in the caves of volcanic rocks, then expanded by new buildings emerging from the rocks.
In Kndzoresk- in another cave settlement, right next to the natural caves, there are also caves hollowed out by men, which created a complicated complex of houses, churches and even fortresses that were connected to each other with rope and ladder systems.

Waterfalls, geysers and hike through the picturesque gorge
  • Moving to Shaki waterfall
  • Moving to Jermuk
  • Moving to Geysers
  • Hiking to Gndevank

One of the natural treasures of south Armenia is the picturesque waterfall Shaki. The waterfall falls from a height into a deep rocky gorge.
It's hard to imagine more perfect place for a resort city than the place, where Jermuk is. The city stands on a plateau, which divides the deep gorge of Arpa river into 2 banks. It is surrounded by mountains covered with forests. In the gorge, at the place where the tributary falls into the river, a waterfall was formed- one of the symbols of the city.
Geysers of Jermuk are natural sources of warm, mineral water with healing properties. The picturesque surroundings, where geysers are located, complete the feeling of a rest after <>.
The road that leads to Gndevank is passing through the gorge, along Arpa river. The monastery is situated on a slope of the gorge. On the territory of the monastery monuments from the X century to the XVII century have been preserved.

Hike to the Smbataberd fortress and the ancient monastery on the mountain tops
  • Moving to Smbataberd
  • Hiking to the monastery of Tsaxac Kar
  • A night stay in tents(an opportunity to sleep in a guest house)

The fortress of Smbataberd- a protective structure, built at an altitude of 2000 m, on an impregnable rock. Only one lane connecting the lonely rock to the mountain range provides access to the fortress. From the other sides, the fortress is impregnable because of its rock precipices. The thick walls of the fortress add an advantage to natural security. From the walls open amazing views, which are limited only with high mountains.
The whole way to Smbataberd, and then to the monastery of Tsaxac Kar- is high mountains from one side and deep gorges from the other.
On monastery's the territory some churches were built, a part of them is destroyed, but despite this, they saved their uniqueness.
From the monastery, the fortress of Smbataberd and the road leading to it can be seen.

Lake Sevan, hot springs, return to Yerevan
  • Moving through Vardenyac pass
  • Moving to Sevan lake
  • Moving to Hanqavan
  • Moving to Yerevan

Selim pass- the highest gorge on the territory of Armenia. The harsh terrain of the pass makes it an ideal destination for adventurous travelers.
Selim pass connects the southern part of Armenia to its central part. It is also special with its main sight- with Sevan lake. The lake is unique with the fact, that after Titanic, it is the largest freshwater alpine lake in the world. The lake with its catchment basin is surrounded by high volcanic mountains.
Because of its location(in Armenia, almost all are either in the gorges, or in the mountains) in the gorge of a river, the slopes of which are covered with forests, and plus the abundance of warm healing water sources, Hankavan is another resort centre in Armenia.
We can speak about Yerevan endlessly, so it's better to just see it, like the all things above and learn  much more about other parts of Armenia.

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 630 $ 840 $ -

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
6 and more 570 $ 770 $ -
5 630 $ 840 $ -
4 750 $ 960 $ -
3 930 $ 1170 $ -
2 1330 $ 1650 $ -

The cost of a hike without tents in Armenia 7 days (South) includes:

Budget variant

  • All movements on comfortable cars (3 people in the back seat)
  • Mountain crossings on local SUVs
  • Transportation of backpacks to camp sites
  • Products on the outdoorsy parts + restaurants some days
  • The work of the guides

Business option

  • All movements in comfortable cars (2 people in the back seat)
  • Mountain crossings on local SUVs
  • Transportation of backpacks to camp sites
  • Cook and food for the whole trip + restaurants on some days
  • Rent of personal Hiking equipment (tents, sleeping bags, karemata, etc.))
  • The work of the guides

The price of a hike in Armenia for 7 days is not included:

Budget variant

  • Air ticket
  • Insurance
  • Rent of personal equipment (tents, sleeping bags, carbamate)
  • Cook service
  • Accommodation in guest houses (there is a possibility)
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Personal expenses

Business option

  • Air ticket
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation in guest houses and hotels (there is a possibility)
  • Supplementary feeding
  • Personal expenses
# Date Group size Booked
1 15 May , 2021 -
2 29 May , 2021 -
3 12 Jun , 2021 -
4 3 Jul , 2021 -
5 24 Jul , 2021 -
6 14 Aug , 2021 -
7 4 Sep , 2021 -
8 25 Sep , 2021 -
9 16 Oct , 2021 -

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