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Lalvar Mountain

The highest mountain of Lalvar massive is Lalvar mountain that has an altitude of 2544 m. The mountain has a form of a stepped dome. It is dissected by radial mountain valleys.

The mountains of Lesser Caucasus are a watershed between Kura and Aras rivers, in the territory of Armenia they stretch in two rows- the outer or eastern row and the inner or western row. In Armenia's territory, the outer row is represented with Somkheti, Geghama, and Miapor ridges. Somkheti ridge stretches from Javakheti ridge to Debed canyon-  73 km. The ridge is divided into three mountain massives by deep gorges. The massives are Lor, Ledjan, and Lalvar.

In clear weather, we can see Georgia from the mountain top. The slopes differ from each other with the level of dismemberment and forests. Unlike the southern and eastern slopes, the northern and western slopes are more homogeneous and rich in forests. The mountain's top is covered with pre-alpine and alpine green.
Many literary works are associated with this picturesque mountain. Mostly, Martiros Saryan painted the mountain and the landscapes of the foothill in his "Lalvar" painting.