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Bazkert Fortress

The medieval fortress of Bazkert or Bazaberd stands on a promontory between two gorges-at an altitude of 1043 m. the Fortress, also known as Chakhalaberd, is located on the border of Armenia and Georgia – on the Northern side of the foot of mount Lalvar

The promontory on which the Baskert fortress stands, as well as the entire territory of the fortress is covered with dense forests, in which the ruins of ancient settlements are preserved. 

The origin of the names of many places in the Armenian highlands is associated with the names of direct descendants of the forefather Hayk: so the name of the fortress Bazkert is associated with the name of Baz – the grandson of Hayk, who built the fortress.

The total area of the fortress is 0.52 ha, and the area of the citadel is 0.25 ha. the Fortress was surrounded by thick walls (2-3 m) with a height of 10-12 m. the Walls are built of andesite. The southern side of the citadel is further reinforced with rectangular towers. The fortress had two entrances – East and West. The East-main entrance is surrounded by a double arch. The upper arch is twice as wide and is built slightly behind the lower one. This is done to protect the entrance. 

Near the citadel there are ruins of houses and other outbuildings.