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"Greatness of southern Armenia" Sightseeing tour to Armenia

We welcome you to Armenia! If it's your first ''meeting'' with our ancient country, we will surely say that as soon as you set your foot in the airport you will immediately be penetrated with warmth and heartiness of our ancient and hospitable country.

Tour program

Excursion to the most interesting places of Yerevan

Just after you land, our professionals will meet you and help you to get to Yerevan and to locate in the hotel.
If you're not so tired from the road, you can start your acquaintance with Armenia by having a walk through Yerevan.
If you want you can choose to have an aquaintance with Yerevan yourself or you can join us. In this case  there's a  city tour with a bus for you or an excursion to the most interesting places of Yerevan.

The foot of Ararat, the village of winemakers and the temple in the red gorge

In the following morning of the second day begins the tour programme.
Our trip will start with Ararat region, which is located in the
north-west of Armenia. If the weather in the temple of Xor Virap will be favorable, we will have a chance to be observed by a majestic Ararat view.
So the first stop is Xor Virap temple. This place has a unique history and meaning. Legend has it that for 15 years there in the dungeon under the monastery Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned. Ararat gives a special energy to this place.
After smooth Ararat valley you'll get to Vayoc Dzor - to the edge of  the majestic mountains, mysterious gorges and passes. Here you can feel the diversity of armenian nature.
Walking through picturesque Noravank gorge you can appear in Noravank's monastery complex. At will of yours a short hiking will be organised. Noravank is situated at the foothill of the sheer rock. If you look at the red backround of the rock, you will probably see the silhouettes of bezoar goats.
Then comes Areni. This is a place where about 6000 years ago originated the wine culture. It means that you are going to have an <>  dinner.

Jermuk resort, geysers, ancient temple and unusual master class

On the 3rd day a tour to Jermuk waits for you. Surrounded with forests Jermuk is famous for its healing mineral water.
Before dinner, you will have a stone painting master-class. Here you can show your talent. If you think that painting isn’t for you, then you can pass by the geysers. The beauty of these places won’t leave you insensitive - on the one hand you will see the mountains covered with forests, on the other hand you will see a fleeting river and the geysers-the unqiue nature sources of healing water.
Regardless of what you’ve chosen, you will absolutely have unforgettable feelings which you can share during your dinner.
After dinner comes an excursion to Jermuk. Later on you can have a rest or participate in a hikings to the monastery of Gndevank.

Ancient Observatory and temple over the gorge

On the 4th day Syunik excursion starts. It is the ‘’northest’’ region of Armenia, where high mountains and deep gorges keep in them many heroic stories.
The trip starts with Zorats Qarer - the soldiers’ stones. Mystery of this ancient complex hasn’t been figured out till the end. It means that you have an amazing opportunity to feel yourself as an archeologist and put forward your possible version.
Only having a visit to Vorotnavank after Zorats Qarer will prove you  how harmoniously is prehistoric and chritisan Armenia mixed - here in Syunik.
You’ll continue contemplating with the rough beauty of these places on your way to Goris - to a town surrounded with rocks and caves.

Ropeway, Tatev monastery and the ancient cave city

Tatev excursion is on this day. <>  above the gorge with the help of a cable car or driving to the monastery with an automobile, you will feel how inseperable the nature and people are. Tatev monastery is an incredible architectural monument and also a spiritual centre. Here was the biggest medevial University of Armenia.
After Tatev you’ll have a visit to Xndzoresk. It’s a mountain village situated on the rocks of a deep gorge. Caves here are full of unfounded mysteries. Walking on a gorge hanging bridge you will have incomparable feelings.
If this isn’t enough for you, then a short hiking in Xndzoresk will be organised.
In the evening you’ll return to Goris in order to cuntinue your  tour tomorrow morning.

Waterfall, lake Sevan and its monasteries - Return to Yerevan

Tour’s 6th   day will be started with a visit to  Shaki waterfall. There’s a very beautiful story connected with the  waterfall, which our guide will tell you about.
You are going to come back from your exciting tour  through Selim passes. On the road you will see a medevial Caravansarai, where many European and West travelers stopped.
Another natural heritage that you’re going to see is Sevan Lake, alphine lake surrounded with the ringed volcanic mountains. The smooth surface of the lake will be seen on your whole way to Ayrivank - to another medevial monastery. It is situated high, on the south coast of Sevan and seems like it’s looking after the lake.
That’s all. We go back to Yerevan. After returning to the hotel you will have a free time to walk.

Transfer to the airport (possible access to hot springs)

Again on this day you’ll have a free time, which you can spend in the city or you can go to the hot sources.
Your airport transfer is organised at a convinient time for you. And for the future you can try our tour to the nortth of Armenia.
We will be waiting for you!

Group prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
1 890 $ 1020 $ 1160 $

Individual prices

Number of people Standart Business Premium
4 and more 890 $ 1020 $ 1160 $
3 990 $ 1150 $ 1350 $
2 1330 $ 1470 $ 1690 $
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2 5 Jun , 2021 -
3 3 Jul , 2021 -
4 7 Aug , 2021 -
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6 9 Oct , 2021 -
7 6 Nov , 2021 -
8 4 Dec , 2021 -

If you've chosen the tour to the south of Armenia, I have to say that meeting with interesting people, contemplation of rich and diverse nature, fascinating hikings, visits to historical and cultural monuments are waiting for you.
During our tour you will show your creative skills by stone-painting.
Just from the beginning of the tour you will see how diverse is the nature of Armenia. You will start your road with Ararat valley and little by little you will climb high to the mountain. Bare rocks, gorges, fleeting rivers and the forests will be replacing each other.
Tour to the south of Armenia is one of the 3 versions of main tours which we offer you. This tour will be a trip around Ararat, Vayoc Dzor and Syunik provinces.
So, here's the programme that is waiting for you during our excursion.

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