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Khustup Mountain

Khustup mountain is situated in Syunik region of Armenia. It's a part of Bagrushat mountain range. The height of Khustup is 3201 m. It originated from volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

The mountain slopes are rich in green, the northeastern part is covered with forests. We can see caves on the slopes. Vachagan Lake starts from the snowy peaks of Khustup.
The name of the mountain comes from the word "khutu", which means prayer. The mountain has always been holy and a place of pilgrimage.
Armenian hiking and climbing lovers say that Khustup is the most beautiful peak of Armenia. Thanks for this not only to the beauty of the mountain itself but also to the views that open from the top of the mountain- to the mountainous relief of Syunik.
The remains of Garegin Nzhdeh are buried on Khustup mountain.