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Ishkhanasar Mountain

Ishkhanasar or the Big Ishkhanasar is the highest mountain of Ishkanasar mountain massive, which is situated on the Syunik Highland- on Syunik and Artsakh border.

The mountain massive consists of dacitic and andesitic lavas. The slopes are steep and heavily dissected. North from the Big Ishkhanasar is the Small Ishkhanasar.
The height of the Big Ishkanasar is 3550 m. The mountain's name means ''mountain of the lord''
(Ishkan- lord). There is a volcanic crater on the top of the mountain, and on the eastern slope, at an altitude of 2666 m, there's Sev lake(Black lake) that has a glacial origin. Noravan, Metsdzor, Vakhatin, Shamb rivers start from this mountain slopes.