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Aramazd Mountain

Mount Aramazd, the height of which is 3399 m, is the highest peak of Bagrushat mountain range, which is in Syunik region, situated on the eastern slope of Zangezur mountain range. The name of the mountain is connected with the name of the Supreme God of the Armenian Pantheon

The mountain range is a watershed for Vorotan, Voghji, and Geghi rivers. The length of the mountain range is 70 km. It is rich in occurrences of iron, copper, molybdenum, gold, manganese, titanium, and with sources of mineral waters. Aramazd is a folded mountain of volcanic type. The mountain slopes are rich in forests, the upper zones are covered with pre-alpine and alpine meadows. In pre-Christian times in Armenia, not only temples and places of pilgrimage, but also entire regions, settlements, fortresses, and even natural objects were named after pagan gods and goddesses. So the mountain's name is associated with the name of the supreme god of the Armenian pantheon- Aramazd.
According to the legend, on the highest point of the mountain, there is a crevice, where celestial fairies live. When the fog covers the mountain, fairies come out from the crevice and start to fight for a boy, and the one that wins becomes his wife for a year. Lightning is the saber of fairies, and thunder is the sound of the saber.