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Bgheno Noravank Monastery

Despite its small sizes, the monastery with its distinctive and majestic look represents one of the masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture. The monastery was built on a larger part of the branch - on the east.

Covered with thick forests the mountain range, that divides Goris and Kapan regions, slightly descends into the gorge of Vorotan River and connects with the mountain range on the right bank of the river, which getting to Baghajur village goes south, and the river continues its way. In this way, between the mountain range and the river stands out a wide gorge, with its steep edges and forests. It is here, that natural pedestal stands - a branch of the chain, which has the form of a tongue, and on which stands Bgheno Noravank monastery.

Bgheno Noravank Monastery was built in the X century. But, because of its distant location, there was no information about this monastery. It was accidentally founded in 1932.

Outside, the monastery has a square shape with a height of 6 m. It is divided into four rectangles. Three of these rectangles are located parallel, besides, the rectangle, which is a church, and gets wider in the middle. The sacristies are located around the church. The fourth rectangle- the porch is situated on the western side.

The porch and main entrance are the most ornate parts of the monastery. It is worth mentioning that the main entrance whit its design is a rare one in Armenian architecture. The frame consists of five big stones- two on the sides and one on the top, which are decorated with exquisite carvings.

Despite its small sizes, inside the church you can be impressed with a spacious and tall building with an abundance of light and air.