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Azhdahak Mountain

In the centre of Geghamian ridge is Azhdakan mountain, which consists of 4 volcanoes- Azhdahak, Kamurj, Tar, and Temablur. The highest peak of Geghamian ridge is the mountain of Azhdahak.

Geghamian mountains- a volcanic mountain range in central Armenia, which stretches between Sevan and Ararat basin. The height is 3597 m. The mountain consists of volcanic rocks, landscapes up to 2800 m are mountain-steppe, above there are alpine and alpine meadows. On the top of the mountain, on the northwestern side, there's a beautiful lake- a volcanic crater filled with water.
On the eastern slope, at a height of about 3470 m, there's an additional lava crater, from where streams got to the east, north-west, and north. The second additional crater is situated on the southern slope, at the junction with Kamurj.
There's an interesting legend associated with the name "Azhdahak". In Iranian mythology, it's a vishap (dragon) called Azhi Dahak. Azhi means snake, vishap, whit whom the God of thunder Fereydun fought. In " Shahnameh" Azhi Dahak is an outlandish king-conqueror Zorac, whom Ruden won. In Armenian mythology, Azhi Dahak is the king of Midia, whom Armenian king Tigran won.
Not far from the volcano, there's a lake called Vishapalich. It was named so because of dragon-stones standing next to it. The diameter of the lake is 500 m, and the depth is 90 m.