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Azhdahak Mountain

In the centre of Geghamian ridge is Azhdakan mountain, which consists of 4 volcanoes- Azhdahak, Kamurj, Tar, and Temablur. The highest peak of Geghamian ridge is the mountain of Azhdahak.

Geghamian mountains- a volcanic mountain range in central Armenia, which stretches between Sevan and Ararat basin. The height is 3597 m. The mountain consists of volcanic rocks, landscapes up to 2800 m are mountain-steppe, above there are alpine and alpine meadows. On the top of the mountain, on the northwestern side, there's a beautiful lake- a volcanic crater filled with water.

On the eastern slope, at a height of about 3470 m, there's an additional lava crater, from where streams got to the east, north-west, and north. The second additional crater is situated on the southern slope, at the junction with Kamurj.

From the top of Azhdahak, you can enjoy unforgettable panoramic views of the Gegham highlands and the mountains of Central Armenia, which you can admire by visiting our tour "Climbing azhdaq or Hiking in the Gegham mountains".

There's an interesting legend associated with the name "Azhdahak". In Iranian mythology, it's a vishap (dragon) called Azhi Dahak. Azhi means snake, vishap, whit whom the God of thunder Fereydun fought. In " Shahnameh" Azhi Dahak is an outlandish king-conqueror Zorac, whom Ruden won. In Armenian mythology, Azhi Dahak is the king of Midia, whom Armenian king Tigran won.
Not far from the volcano, there's a lake called Vishapalich. It was named so because of dragon-stones standing next to it. The diameter of the lake is 500 m, and the depth is 90 m.